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Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally found my (hopefully) VBAC doctor!

This is actually a late post because I already settled with an OB who's willing to do a VBAC at the onset of my pregnancy. But I'm quite hesitant to post specific details of my dream VBAC, baka mausog and all. 

Recently though, I realized that there could be other readers out there who may have significant experiences to share, and who, for some reason or another, stumbled upon this humble space of mine in the blogosphere. 

In addition, I was also inspired by my new-found philosophy that happiness is in the planning, so with the proper frame of mind how to manage in case all these preparations turned out to be nil, I had mustered enough courage to tell you about it.

I previously consulted two other OBs in my quest for a VBAC doctor. The first one was from UP-PGH whom I consulted for a preliminary determination of my chances. (At that time, I was not yet expecting. I wrote about it here.) Upon learning that I was pregnant, we went to the second doctor, who was from Makati Med. This doctor said she would only do a VBAC if she was the one who performed the prior caesarian. I never went back to her clinic.

Instead, I asked Zohan's pediatrician, Dra. Vienne Saulog, if she knew of a good VBAC doctor, and she recommended Dra. Valerie Tiempo-Guinto. I looked her up and learned that she is the Chief of the Section of Maternal and Fetal Medicine in UP-PGH and the Head of the Section of Maternal and Fetal Medicine in St. Luke's-BGC. How was that for a background?

So my husband and I decided to visit her clinic in Don Santiago Building in Manila, just right across PGH. At the onset, I already informed her of my preferred birth method and asked her of my chances. I took out all the medical records of my first pregnancy and she looked at my history. Through ultrasound, she examined the incision done inside my tummy to determine if its location would impede an attempt to do a vaginal birth. She also confirmed the findings of the first VBAC doctor whom we consulted.

After all the initial examinations, Dra. Guinto came up with the conclusion that I have a good chance to do a VBAC. I had been seeing her every month since, and each time, I would always ask about my chances. Thankfully, my pregnancy had been uneventful and her answer remained the same. 

I am very much comfortable with Dra. Guinto. She isn't chirpy and comforting and sweet - in fact, she's the exact opposite. She looks and sounds tough, almost aloof - but I guess when one is an expert at high-risk pregnancies, being calm, composed and detached is a necessary requirement. And that's exactly how she appears to me. Despite her lack of knack for small talks, she is very thorough in explaining things without any sugarcoating. And with the premise that I want to do a VBAC, she is exactly what I need.

I am now at my third trimester, week 29 to be exact, and it seems I'm all geared up for the delivery room. After a thorough deliberation, my husband and I have decided that I will give birth at Manila Doctors, where Dra. Guinto is also an affiliate doctor. I am looking forward to the empowering experience and with Dra. Guinto's help, I have a really good feeling this "push project" will push through. So help me God.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zohan was rushed to the hospital, and it was like a joke!

Dec. 07, 2012

We brought Zohan to Makati Medical Center today - his first time to be brought to a hospital for an illness. He was vomitting since 1AM - he'd vomit, then nurse, fall asleep, and wake up to vomit again! By 6AM, he'd thrown up seven times (I counted!), which prompted the husband and I to take the day off from work and rush the boy to the hospital.  

Growing up in the province with our home far from the hospital, I was trained to always pack-up with the possibility of confinement in mind. So even if MMC was just a sneeze away from our place, I had a full bag with me, which freaked out my poor husband. In my head though, I was thinking of all the many possibilities that could happen to Zohan. I had to force myself to stop because I was so near to freaking out as well.

We arrived in MMC in no time, and since Zohan lacked sleep, he was especially cranky and fussy. He gave the nurses a hard time taking his temperature, weight, pulse rate, the works. 

The doctor checked on Zohan and asked us if he was having fever or diarrhea - which he hadn't. She also asked if Zohan poo'ed that day, and I told her he hadn't since yesterday. The doctor then ordered an abdominal x-ray to check if the intestines were full of fecal matters which may probably induce his vomitting. She also ordered urinalysis to rule out UTI. 

When the results came out, husband and I couldn't decide if we should laugh or what. Well, we were both relieved, because as you can probably tell, it was just Zohan's intestines failing to keep up with his appetite. Apparently, since his bowel movement had not been regular, his intestines were already full, that any additional solid intake will have to be thrown up. In short, he was constipated. I know, my folks back home were probably shaking their heads. But of course, more than anything, I was so happy and relieved that Zohan's condition was nothing serious. 

So Zohan was given laxative, and soon enough, he relieved himself. Despite him feeling and looking better, we were still advised to wait for the result of the urinalysis, which took so long! Zohan, getting bored out of his wits, tugged me to roam around the hospital, to which I obliged.

I brought him to Mary Grace's little stall and he gladly pointed to the cakes. Look at his Oopps, it wasn't me face! He didn't look constipated to me at all! Hahaha!

I got him cheese roll and ensaymada. We went back to his Tatay who was waiting at the emergency room. The three of us devoured our breakfast in our little corner. Talk about camping in.

After an hour of waiting, we were given by the hospital staff the option to just call for the result of the urinalysis, so that we can already go home. (The result turned out negative, so it's just really the "biting off more than you can chew" that brought us to the hospital for the first time.)

After billing out, Tatay had to buy medicines, so Zohan and I waited stayed at Seattle's Best in the meantime. Again, he was fascinated by the sight of food. He wanted the colored drinks but I had to turn him down. I got him an oatmeal cookie instead, which made him happy in the car on our way home.

At home, it had been a rollercoaster ride - there were times he's okay, other times he's cranky again. But by bedtime, I was so glad he's already back to the happy camper that he was. He toyed with Tatay's player and danced to his rhythmic songs of choice. When I said dance, I only meant him doing the head bang. He still remembered Gotye's Somebody that I used to know - still his favorite. 

Last picture before he dozed off. 

 Goodnight little boy! That was a good one, what you pulled off today. Your Tatay and I were laughing off how utterly expensive it was na "maki-jebs sa Makati Med!" But as I said, I'd gladly take any of this silly little illness of yours any day, but don't let it get any serious than that. 
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