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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bitten by the Jollibee Bug

So I thought parents made all that up - the Jollibee fascination of kids. Having a one year old got me convinced. Kids really do enjoy Jollibee parties, and for Zohan, he absolutely loved the spaghetti, too!

Zohan's first and only cousin TJ celebrated her first birthday in Jollibee. And I must say, I was a little surprised how Zohan seemed to enjoy the party even at his young age.

Look who's a happy camper
He delightfully finished almost an entire order of spaghetti. It was funny seeing him all messed up in his face. And he didn't want Nanay to be spoonfeeding him. He could not yet eat on his own so it took him forever to finish his food. And not without traces of spaghetti sauce all over his face and his clothes. Such a messy eater! 

Of course, he is still too young to join, or even understand, any of the games prepared for the kids. But it was just a delight seeing him clapping every so often whenever he saw the other kids clapping and laughing. It reaffirms what has not yet dawn to me - that we now have a little boy who will tag us along to possibly a lot of kiddie parties in the future. OMG we now have a little boy!

The kid who got cropped in the photo is Paul - Kristan's inaanak. He's Zohan's constant playmate whenever we go home to Kristan's hometown. Zohan was giving him the gigil face - so cute!

And he became attached to this balloon, which he never let go of until the party's over. He was playing with it on our way home, but I was afraid the darn stick might hurt his eyes so I forcibly took it away. There was a lot of crying involved, but I was used to that by now. 

I liked this photo very much. Looking at it felt like these angas boys were suddenly transformed into doting titos. These are the Cristobal boys who adore Zohan so much, as you can probably tell. They are all itching to teach him basketball, Tatay included. Right now, Zohan's favorite toy is his small basketball, so we'll see about their dreams.

These are the Cristobal girls - they are Kristan's pretty sisters and his loving Mama. The only guy up there is TJ's Dad.

And this is the only decent family photo that we have - and we were not even looking at the camera! Well, except for Zohan. 

This was the part where Jollibee the mascot showed up. While the rest of the older kids were frantically jumping and shouting in excitement, Zohan clung to me like a glue and wouldn't allow me to go anywhere near them. Haha! It was his first time to see a mascot. I hope he get over his fear of it sooner than later so that he could start truly enjoying the rest of the kiddie parties in our books.

Happy Birthday, TJ! Here's a birthday smack from your Kuya Zohan. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day

They spoil your child without bearing the guilt of raising a brat. 

They give your child chocolates and ice creams and candies, and by the time the tonsillitis attacks, the kid is all yours.

They do not give "no" for an answer, which generally makes us parents the "bad guys".

When you were a kid, a simple wish of having a "brickgame" must first surpass a series of questions ala-thesis defense.  But now, when your kid wants to buy something and you decline (for valid reasons, of course), all that is needed is a simple "911" call to the grannies  and you're beaten (and your kid gets to keep the change,too!)

Yes, life is not always fair.

Happy Grandparent's Day! We love you Nanay and Uncle, Daddy, Mama and Papa! Thanks for loving the boy! :) 

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