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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piqueing his interest in books

I want Zohan to be a voracious reader - whether through e-reading or the old-school flipping the pages kind. Just as long as he reads, I really won't mind. I firmly believe that one can get a lot from reading - he can be transported to places without having to spend a dime (well, except for the price of the book); his vocabulary will widen; his horizon will expand; and his knowledge will be vast. He can even be an author, a poet, a writer/journalist, or an editor. Endless possibilities! He can be like his father who breathes reading.

Early on, we try to introduce him to books. The first step is pretty boring because seriously, how will you expect a baby to take interest in books, except perhaps to tear the pages or nibble on them? His first book is the cloth type, with a funny story here

As he grows older, I start hoarding the board types, which are sturdy enough to withstand being thrown about. 

His Tatay usually comes home with Jumbo Books. You know the types offered by sellers who occasionally drop by government offices - alongside with merienda and Avon lipsticks and tocinos? Yeah, that one. 

I think our perseverance paid off because now, the moment Zohan wakes up in the morning he usually sits on the bed and point to his stack of books. Before bed time, he will point to them again and request either me or his Tatay to read to him. At his age, reading means pointing our fingers to the printed characters on each page. He knows how to flip the pages, and when he's not feeling lazy, he points to the characters himself.

Interestingly, at this age, he has already established his preferences. His favorite book is this - 8000 Awesome Things You Should Know. 

Tatay decides to get this in anticipation of the time when Zohan will be in pre-school and hopefully, he will be interested enough to learn about random facts. Well, curiousity comes early.

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to stimulate a child's interest in books. As I said, his Tatay buys from the walk-in offers from his office, which is usually not more than a hundred per piece. As for me, I buy from BookSale whenever I chance upon one. 

The other day, Tatay and I went on a dinnerdate and instead of spending for an overpriced coffee, we ended up spending almost a thousand on pre-loved books sold at the ground floor of Glorietta. (Not really equivalent to the price of a coffee for two, but I don't mind.) The name of the store is "Books and Mags". Their supplies are a little expensive compared to BookSale, but they sure look almost brand new. So far, that's been the most that we have splurged on Zohan's books.

When he's a little older, I vow to scrimp on toys and clothes, but never on books. In fact, up to this day, I don't remember buying a single toy for him - only books. I look forward to the day when he'll ask for a "bookstore date", when he can pick all the book he wants. 

In one of the blogs that I'm reading, I take particular interest in Mothering Earthlings' rules. She only buys toys on birthdays, Christmas and extra special occasions, but she buys as many books as wanted by her earthlings. I can be pretty envious of ingenuous motherhood rules, so I think I'm imposing that one, too.

I purposely limited the title to just "piqueing" Zohan's interest in books because, really, who's to tell? 

He can be surrounded with books now as he sleeps, but when he grows up, he might turn out to be just like me who always ends up reading blogs than actual books. I gave him the first step, it will be up to him to persevere.

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