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Monday, December 2, 2013

My kind of Monday

You know how Mondays were always associated with a heavy heart to go to work? Well, yesterday was Monday but it was a fun Monday for me. That's because I didn't go to work!

My husband left for the States last Sunday to attend an international convention. He'll be staying there for long (but he'll be back in time for my 30th birthday) so it was a really sad Monday for me. It was a good thing I didn't have a scheduled hearing so I didn't have to wake up earlier than usual. I was taking my time, goofing around with Zohan before I hit the shower, when he blurted,

"Nanay, di popis, ha? Nanay baba lang? (playground)
Pis. Poh mi?" (Please, for me.)

How could you say no to that? And that was the first time he requested that I skip work. So I instantly decided - it's going to be a fun Monday for both of us!

We went to the nearby McDonald's for breakfast. Zohan insisted that I carry him (I still do that despite me being all heavy with a 7-month old baby inside) and I obliged. 

Meet my little bugoy:

Those make-faces were all his ideas! 

After breakfast, we hit the playground and played until almost lunch time. Then, I met with some friends for lunch, and decided to report to work in the afternoon. My Monday was perfect - I got to spend time with my son, I was able to catch up with some friends, and was still able to work in the afternoon. It made me think that if only I have a business, perhaps this arrangement would be possible on a daily basis. 

How was your Monday? 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The perfect Vintage Romantic Wedding!

After almost half a year, finally, here's a blog entry about the best wedding I've ever attended in my lifetime! 

My cousin Rodney and his now-wife Dutch ruined all the other weddings for me, with their vintage romantic wedding held at Chapel on the Hill on the 15th of May 2013. 

I mentioned it in passing here, but since I wanted to do justice to the event, I opted to wait for some of the official photos before I came up with a blog entry. 

It was Zohan's first time to be part of a wedding entourage, so it was also momentous for me. He was one of the ring bearers, which the couple artistically coined as "Ring Security." They imprinted it at the back of the little boys' costumes. Cute!

As expected, the silly boy refused to walk on his own. I had to carry him, which earned me a double appearance since I was also one of the bridesmaids.

During the mass, Zohan roamed around and bugged everyone. Hence, not even halfway to the occasion and his cute costume already looked lousy!

 Now, here are some of the details of the wedding:

The bridal gown was designed by Dutch. The fabrics were chosen by her, (she got it from Dubai, where they were based), dyed it to get her preferred hue, then searched for a good couturier to execute her ideas.  Her efforts obviously paid off.

The photo of the bride and her mom was one of my favorites. Like Nanay, the bride's mother also worked abroad during her children's growing up years. This made Dutch and I certified lola's girls.

Look at the lovely back details of her gown. Very intricate and pretty. And only a svelte figure could pull off such a lovely  gown. 

Rodney's suit was by Zara Men. He looked so dashing in the photo below. 

The gowns of the bridesmaids were locally made - in Taal, Batangas. But the fabrics were also bought by the couple from Dubai and the designs were all Dutch's idea.  Very Grecian goddess!

I liked the flower girls' gowns best! The couple bought it from H & M, but had it altered in Taal to fit the little kids. Huge flowers were added on the waist, which matched perfectly with the head dresses. 

Another quirky idea from the artistic couple was the wooden banner which read "Here comes the Bride!" The little girls were holding the banner when they walked down the aisle. So cute!

The rest of the flower girls carried flower pails, which were DIY-ed. You could find the instruction how to do it on their wedding website.

Photo taken from the Dutch and Rodney's wedding website

I also fell in love with the lovely shoes uniformly worn by the little girls. It made me wish for a baby girl for our third baby! Look at the sample below.
Daisha and Zohan

The invitations were designed by the couple. 

The wedding giveaways were also DIY-ed. The lovely jars were from Ikea, which were filled with coffee beans. It signified our family's love for coffee, Batangas kapeng barako to be exact. The beans were brought from our local store.

The reception was equally lovely. It was held at Hill Creek Gardens in Tagaytay. And true to the vintage romantic theme, we were transported back in time with the set-up.

The guests were greeted with huge chairs and other vintage trinklets that were perfect backdrops for pictures.
The usual message boards were ditched for this very clever message pin-ups.

The catering and reception set-up were by K. by Cunanan. The table setting definitely evinced romance. Too bad though that I wasn't able to savor the food because I was too busy running after the little boy. 

Meanwhile, our silly ring security changed his outfit during the reception because he was no longer comfortable with his long sleeves. Haha. 

The wedding was more than lovely!  

Congratulations Dutch and Rodney! Now, off to the next chapter of your lives. I can't wait for your little one to arrive. :)

*For the details of their wedding, you can visit their wedding website.
Their pre-nup photo session was featured by BridalBook. You can read about it here. 
Credits to Red Stilettos for the official photos.  

Here's a rundown of their wedding suppliers:
Church - Chapel on the Hill 
Reception & wedding preps- Hill Creek Gardens 
Catering & styling - K by Cunanan 
Wedding coordination - Supernatural Management 
Photographer - Red Stilettos Photography 
Videographer - Stephen Wedding Film 
Invitation & give aways - DIY
Flowers - Serge Igonia

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How has your life changed?

Last weekend, my lawschool friends went over to our house for some "girl bonding".   Amidst our laughters over our usual "kagagahan", a thought suddenly hit me:  motherhood had transformed me and my mommy friend - Boinks. 

Unfortunately for our single friends Joyce and Fila, they had no choice but to be dragged along.

For one, we met at our condo at freakin' 7 o'clock in the morning! Boinks wanted some sunshine for her 5-month old baby Kloud, but knowing how talkative we could all get, we finished breakfast at way past the time for a healthy sunlight.

Over breakfast, I was imagining our lives not too long ago - drinking and singing at videoke bars until wee hours of the morning, long dinners, chitchat at coffeeshops, and occasional sleepovers. Contrastingly, at our place that morning, we were acting like some domestic diva wannabes - meeting for breakfast, gushing over a really good Vietnamese coffee paired with sinangag and tinapang salinas with kamatis, and talking about weekly  household budgets!

Likewise, instead of picking a crowded mall for our next agenda, we voted on scouring the good old Makati Cinema Square for thrifted clothes. I had been a fan of thrifted clothes since I became a mother. Being a big convert, I thought that the good money I'd spend on brand new clothes should rather be spent for other essential  things for my family. (Shopping when extremely emotional not included, of course!) My ultimate favorites were Surplus Shop where I'd get coats for my hearings, ukay shop near Makati Med for non-office clothes, and a "secret store" near Cash and Carry for branded dresses and other office attires. (I hope to muster enough courage to showcase some of them here soon.)

After our cheap thrill, we had lunch at Aida's at the basement of Makati Cinema Square which, to my mind, served the best chicken inasal in the metro. Then we had dessert at this dainty little place called Sophie's Mom, located at the corner of Santol and Aranga streets in San Antonio Village which served really good red velvet cupcakes.

After dessert, my little family had to go home because I had a scheduled check up with my OB late in the afternoon. Boinks had to go too, because she left Kloud at home with the yaya after breakfast, and she needed to express milk.

I couldn't help but think of the old times. Kristan and I were used to spending the whole day (and night!) with this group and yet, we couldn't seem to get enough of each other. But last Saturday, it was just a little past lunchtime and we were already done for the day! Times were really changing, and we were getting more mature by the day.

On a lighter note, it was the first time we brought Zohan along with us at an adult's affair. And I was so proud of that little guy for not giving Nanay and Tatay a hard time - except that his Tatay always had to carry him because he wouldn't walk. Tamad! He was a constant source of laughter for his Ninangs. (Now I know how fun it is to have a child who can respond to questions without being coached. A few more months and I really have to censor what we talk about in his presence.)

Before we retired that night, Boinks told us through iMessage how much she enjoyed our short get together. It was her first time to go out without the baby after returning back to work. And I could totally get her when she said how much she enjoyed the day, but she just had to go home to Kloud immediately.

That's what I felt too everytime I went out with my friends. I was all for the "giving yourself a break every once in a while." Taking care of a family, with a full-time work to boot, could feel so exhausting that I could really use a breath of fresh air. But after a few hours with friends, all I could think of was Zohan - what could he be doing, was he looking for me, did he eat enough for dinner - which would prompt me to head home.

I remembered a line from What to Expect When Expecting when I was re-reading it for my second pregnancy. It said that an expectant mother should spoil herself, because if she was a first time mother, it would probably be the last time for a long while that she could take care of herself without feeling guilty. 

I could relate very well with the book's idea. My life was never the same, postbaby. It was as if I had been taken over by this new creature that all my decisions and actions had to revolve around him. I felt vulnerable and empowered at the same time. Of course, there were bad, tiring days. But at the end of each day, when it was time to kiss my child goodnight, I always knew for certain that my son was worth all the changes.

What about you? How has your life changed?

(By the way, check out the short vid made by Joyce to chronicle our shenanigan last Saturday. You can make a video, too. Just download the app for free!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zohan is two!

Last Sunday, August 18, 2013, we celebrated Zohan's second birthday. And I was so excited because finally, I only had to think of what would really make him happy on his special day. (Admit it mommies, first birthdays left babies cranky with the crowd, while the adults were the ones having fun!) And to be honest, his second birthday was really my kind of celebration - I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The night before his birthday, I waited for the boy to fell asleep before I sneaked out of the room to decorate our little sala. I initially wanted to cut out his birthday banner, care of the free printables from this site. But it would require four pages of photo paper print-out, and a lot of effort to cut out every letter and artistically hang it from a thread. It was a good thing I came across a complete banner from National Bookstore, which only cost me P40. I settled on the ready-made since to do-it-myself wasn't exactly the practical option. 

We also got him balloons (he loves them!) from National Bookstore. And, the pompoms were made by yours truly. Ninang Joyce gave me this site which served as my guide. Here are the finished products:

When the boy woke up on his birthday, Tatay and Nanay showered him with hugs and kisses and birthday greetings. We stepped out of our bedroom and he saw what I did with our sala. He kept saying "Wow! Bauns!" (He couldn't say balloons just yet.) I only needed to see that joy to make up for forcing my gut out trying to be crafty.

We lead him to the other room where our gift was waiting. 

We gave him a bike because he was so obsessed with it! He'd always borrow his playmate's bike, and oftentimes, he'd sit on his Tatay's thigh and pretend he's pedalling away. When he saw our gift, he didn't say anything but, he almost jumped in to drive it.

We took the bike for a spin at the playground while our companions were busy preparing breakfast for our guests. We invited his playmates for breakfast but unfortunately, his two closest friends, Migs and Charles, couldn't make it that day. We had champorado, hot pandesal with eggs and hotdogs, cake, pichi pichi and his ultimate favorite, spaghetti.

Books as gifts! He loved them!

After entertaining his guests, our celebrant grew tired and slept for a while. Then we prepared to leave for Ark Avilon Zoo. 

While waiting for everyone to get dressed.
He was so fascinated with animals whenever we would read books to him or let him watch Barney or Baby Einstein. He could identify his animals more than his numbers or alphabets, so we unanimously voted on bringing him to the zoo for his birthday.

We had lunch first at the restaurant in front of Fun Ranch - which name now escaped me.

Couldn't make him look at the camera, he was excited to look at the birds

Yes, that's a real snake.

I'm fourteen weeks pregnant and I just couldn't decline his pleas to carry him :(

I think he was saying "fish" in this photo

He wanted to touch the fishes!

When we arrived home, he told everyone what animals he saw that day. He was trying to mimic the "tuger" by widely opening his mouth and letting out a supposedly scary cry. He was so cute! (My son, not the tiger.)

Add caption
I'd like to think he really enjoyed his birthday because that was really what my husband and I wanted.

Actually, I couldn't sleep the night before his birthday, perhaps due to anxiety and excitement. But I remembered ending the night with a silent prayer. 

I prayed only for two things for him - that he would always be safe from all harm and that he'd grow up to be a good man. And I also prayed for something for me as a parent - that I would always manage to let him go. Because frankly, I love him too much now that I would oftentimes be blinded to think that I own him. I prayed to God to always remind me that Zohan was only given to us so that we could learn how to love, but never to treat him as ours and demand him to love us back. 

Happy birthday anak. Mahal ka ni Nanay at Tatay.
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