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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Maternity Fashion featuring Dutch Vergara

Brace yourselves for my cousin-in-law Dutch Vergara! (You must remember her from my feature of their romantic vintage wedding here.) 

She's always been the fashionable one - she's got the height, the body, and the taste. So it didn't come as a surprise that her maternity outfits look like they came straight from glossy magazines; I always knew she'd rock her first pregnancy! 

So have a feast with her buntis OOTDs and learn from her tips, too. Here's my darling Dutchie and her take on maternity fashion:


Dress for comfort and be stylish as well. I love wearing dresses because I find myself having to deal with constantly wanting to pee every 30 minutes. I wish I had a bigger bladder:) I get rid of wearing heels because of the pregnancy-induced clumsiness so I always wear flat shoes that have excellent support.

Maxi dresses are a must-have and it will be useful after the pregnancy.Spice up the dress with a skinny belt just around the empire waist so you can rock your baby bump. Just add a denim jacket over it and you will be ready to go! You can be ready for the day in a blink of an eye.

You can even wear these even when you aren’t pregnant. Your figure isgonna change rapidly, new curves and new size but don’t worry about repeating your clothes. I try not to buy so many maternity outfits, because I would rather spend on buying onesies for my little baby bear.

You can never go wrong with black and white. Its simple and classic.The elastic waistband trouser is my favorite. It gives room to my expanding belly.

Don’t hide yourself over baggy clothing or your husband’s wardrobe, celebrate your pregnancy and try to look as fabulous as always. You don’t need to spend a fortune but in case you have to, buy clothes that will grow with your body. Invest in :
  • at least one perfect pair of maternity jeans (or two)
  • a good bra for your growing breasts and comfortable underwear
  • tank tops, camisoles
  • Maxi dresses
  • Slip-on shoes

Hey, I've run out of mommas to feature! So please, hahaha! If any of you dear readers happened to be pregnant and interested in featuring your maternity fashion here, or you want somebody featured, let's inspire each other and make pregnancy more fun by emailing me here.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maternity Fashion featuring Loy de Leon

This post is long overdue. Loy is still pregnant (and fashionably so!) in the photos below, but now, she's already enjoying her little bundle of joy. Pardon the delay - I just find the maternity fashion feature articles so fun that I'm trying to space them out.

Loy de Leon is also a lawyer, and she was recommended by Anna because she finds her fashionably pregnant, too! And boy, I must agree! My favorite in her wardrobe is the red dress paired with a denim jacket. She inspires me; seeing the way she matches and mixes, I must admit, I'm not really trying hard enough to look better when pregnant. Must improve! 

So, thanks Loy for the inspiration, and for being gracious enough to accommodate this feature a day before your due date! And of course, congratulations on your baby.

Here's Loy and her take on maternity fashion: 

Invest in a few items that will grow with you. Mostly clothes in jersey and stretchy lightweight material. The dresses/tops below are not from maternity lines. Choose material that adjusts as body grows and changes. Stick to basic colors and stripes. Accessorize with scarves and necklaces. Wore heels until 18 weeks. After that, sandals and flats all the way!

On the third trimester, I rarely wore pants! Buttons, zippers, waistbands are torturous. It's all about comfort. Maxi dresses also hid my swollen legs during the last few weeks. Haha.

Simple, practical and no-fuss tips, plus a lot of inspiring photos. That's Loy for you! =)


If any of you dear readers happened to be pregnant and interested in featuring your maternity fashion here, or you want somebody featured, let's inspire each other and make pregnancy more fun by emailing me here.

Watch out for the next Maternity Fashion feature! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maternity Fashion featuring Anna Patajo

Today, we feature Anna Patajo, a fellow lawyer and blogger. Her blog is one of my favorites because it's very relaxed, refreshing and informative. Go visit her site at and show some love :)

Just a side kwento - when I saw one of Anna's #themommycloset posts on Instagram (with the burger wife beater top, specifically) I was inspired to do a maternity fashion feature in this blog. So I really have to thank Anna, first for the inspiration, and second, for agreeing to be featured here. Thanks AAP! Hehe.

Without further ado, here's Anna and her take on maternity fashion:


Dressing up for this pregnancy has been easier for me because 1) it's my 2nd pregnancy, and 2) I don't work full time.  With my first kid, it was much much tougher because I had to come up with maternity corporate attire 5 days a week.  Most of the time I ended up looking really losyang - or like a really uptight stereotype school principal.  With this 2nd pregnancy, I knew better.  I limited buying maternity clothes - whatever I bought were mostly loose dresses I could wear with belts after giving birth, and I got a lot of stretchy maxi dresses which I can again wear after giving birth.   

During the first 2 trimesters, I wore my regular clothes - I just used a belly band for my pants and jeans.   I avoided loose and baggy tops and dresses because they make any pregnant woman look even bigger. I wore tight tops - I noticed that the more you emphasized and celebrated your belly, the leaner you actually look.  Now that I'm in my last trimester, stretchy midi skirts, form-fitting maxi dresses and long slim tank dresses are my best friends.

I'm sharing this because I love that burger wife beater top, haha!  It's from Forever 21.  I was 26 weeks pregnant in Outfit 2, and wearing a wife beater from Forever 21, Uniqlo joggers, and Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld flats.   Since I refused to buy maternity pants with this 2nd pregnancy, I found a great alternative with those Uniqlo joggers.  They're lounge pants actually but I can dress them up with heels if I have to - plus the waist is garterized, so I just wear it below my belly now.  (It's only Php 590 in Uniqlo, I believe, and comes in 3 colors, so bili na, fellow preggos!).  

I'm 27 weeks pregnant in Outfit 1.   I started wearing my tunic dresses as shirts at this point!   The chambray dress-worn-as-a-shirt is from Uniqlo, the belt is Calvin Klein, pants from Gap (worn with a belly belt), and sandals from Salt Water.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant in that picture.   I came from my baby shower.  I'm wearing a Basic House tank dress, bed jacket from Brown Belly, and the same Salt Water sandals.

When I have to go to the office, I wear this stretchy midi skirt from Gap, or midi skirts from Basic House, and pair those with tunic dresses in lieu of shirts.  Or I wear smock dresses (which I used to wear already before I got pregnant). Still no maternity wear.  I also live in Melissa shoes.  I just throw on a blazer or cardigan so I'll look more "lawyerly."


There you go! Thank you for the tips Anna. And again, if any of you dear readers happened to be pregnant and interested in featuring your maternity fashion here, or you want somebody featured, let's inspire each other and make pregnancy more fun by emailing me here.

Watch out for the next Maternity Fashion feature! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Maternity Fashion: How to Dress your Baby Bump in Style (Featuring Aimee Diego)

I couldn't believe myself when I typed down the title. I thought a fashion post was the last thing that could be found written in my blog because while I could be many things, being sartorially elegant was definitely not one of them. No matter how hard I tried to dress up, I would always find myself unconsciously going back to my simple, classic, if not boring, dressing style.

The dilemma worsened when I got pregnant, because dressing up a baby bump (fashionably) could be as elusive as a preggo's good night sleep. Even if I tried to find inspiration from the internet, there was no way I could pull off the suggested wardrobe pieces unless I magically turned into a pregnant Miranda Kerr.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I tapped some real talent - real women who I looked up to because they made maternity fashion looked so easy! And they sported looks that were actually comfortable and practical, yet aesthetically pleasing to the eyes - something that the rest of us pregnant mommas could draw inspiration from.

My plan was to do a one-time post featuring three of my very accommodating friends whom I coaxed to be featured in this silly post. But when Aimee sent me her photos, my eyes had a feast that I thought it wouldn't be fair if this would happen just this one time. So kindly indulge me as I would be doing a series of posts featuring my fashionable  pregnant friends. 

For the launch of this segment, and with much gratitude, here's Aimee Diego of and her take on maternity fashion:


When it comes to dressing up for my second pregnancy, I only have two rules in, to make sure I dress for comfort and two, to wear only what I have in the closet and not result to maternity wear. Not that I have beef against maternity wear per se. It's just that coming from my first pregnancy, I realized that those things are not just overpriced, but also have no use whatsoever the moment the baby pops out of your vajayjay. Or in my case, abdomen. Some of the cuts can also look unflattering and matronly. 

I'm sharing three photos of my myself and 8th month belly. No glam fashion shots here but just sensible everyday outfits, utilizing pieces that I already have in my closet.  

This is my standard work outfit. We're all about casual dressing in the office so we don't need to come to work in corporate attire. Ladies, just because you're preggers doesn't mean you should shy away from prints. If you're not comfortable with prints, instead of large ones perhaps you can go with the small prints which I think work best with the preggy belly. In this outfit, I wore a black dress with beige prints from Elle and threw on a black cardigan, a bazaar find. On my neck, I wore an Elena Bautista bespoke initial necklace which I won in a giveaway from The Soshal Network and to spruce it up a bit more, I added a two-strand necklace that I found in Forever 21. I like the key pendants as I feel that they are quite symbolic. One represents my 4-year-old daughter and the other one represents the little boy who is about to make his debut next month! My kids are my treasures and they hold the keys to my heart. Naks naman!!! Anyway, I paired the whole outfit with black flat swirly sandals from Forever 21. I'm grateful that my feet have not swollen into epic proportions. But yikes pardon the dry skin on my legs! What can I say, dry skin is one of the banes of pregnancy. haha.

This is my standard shopping/grocery day outfit. Here I wore a black ribbed tank top from Uniqlo (I like showing off my bump this way hihi), faded low waist jeans from Babo, Yosi Samra flats and to accessorize, I wore a beaded necklace that I bought in Palawan a few years back. When shopping, eco bags are a must! I have tons! This one is a collab by Chalk X Team Manila. I also have my trusty Longchamp bag that is spacious and versatile enough that it can be used as a working bag, travel bag, shopping bag, diaper bag and throw-everything bag. 

For a little lunch out with girl friends, this would be my standard outfit. I threw on a flirty floral top from Elle and paired it with my Simply Vera by Vera Wang dark wash jeggings. I know some people hate jeggings but that stretchable fabric is a savior for my growing thighs! On my feet (pardon the veins), I wore a pair of beige Marikina-made shoes that I found in Market! Market! I love how comfy and cheap these shoes are. As for the accessories, I kept it at a minimum and just threw on my small vintage Casio gold watch.


That was fun, wasn't it? And if any of you dear readers happened to be pregnant and interested in featuring your maternity fashion here, or you want somebody featured, let's inspire each other and make pregnancy more fun by emailing me here.

Watch out for the next series of Maternity Fashion! 

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