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Friday, August 17, 2012

Nanay will appear on TV!

I might regret announcing this several years down the road, but for posterity's sake, this blogpost needs to hit "publish".

I used to be a part-time professor. I taught Criminal Law I, a freshman subject in lawschool, for two academic years, in one of the small universities here in Makati. By the time that I was about to embark on my third year, I got pregnant and had to painfully decline the teaching post. 

So when the Dean of that lawschool called me one day to bully persuade me into appearing in a legal segment on local TV, part of me was excited to touch base once again with criminal law. I declined, though, because you know, it would be broadcasted on national television and  there's just too much concern that automatically surfaced. Larger than life stuff, like I didn't have a good dress; TV would add ten pounds; I was busy preparing for Zohan's birthday; I would need a killer high heels and we were on a budget and killer heels meant good money; I might get criticized on TV; and I was painfully shy. I knew that these were horrible, horrible thoughts, but they were genuinely of concern to me. 

But Dean said all the right words like: that she wouldn't get me if she knew I wasn't capable; that I was only declining because I was shy but I would get my way around it once I was there; that it's a fun experience that I shouldn't miss, yadah yadah. You know the words your boss would say to get you up your feet and do the job. (I love you, Dean!) So, there, I made what could be the biggest mistake of my life and said Yes.

I was scheduled to "shoot" a week-long episode of Legal Forum, a public service program hosted by Atty. Joji Alonso, where she discussed and tried to provide answers to actual legal problems sent by their viewers. I would be the guest resource person to answer questions on criminal law. The shooting was scheduled on a Saturday afternoon, which coincided with Zohan's check-up, so I had to bring along the boy with me because we would be headed to his pedia afterwards.

I was given five problem situations, which I discussed the best way I know how. It was terrifying at the beginning, and I never really became comfortable until the very end! After the shooting, the husband, ever so supportive, congratulated me. I said I wasn't happy with the way it turned out because I felt like I was so stiff and unnatural. He said, "Of course, you'll be stiff and unnatural. Artista ka 'teh, para maging natural na natural?? Tsaka national TV yon, alangan naman magpakatotoo ka!" Hahaha! Well, he had a point. It would be disastrous to have a beki for your lawyer.

But you know what really made me happy that day? THESE:

Thanks to Ninang KQ for taking the photos. Ninang KQ shoot before me for the episodes on Sales Law. 
(I don't know the exact dates when my episodes will be aired. Or perhaps, I know, but just wouldn't tell you.) 

Truth be told, I actually had fun! I did not regret having said Yes in the first place, largely because of the cute photos of Zohan on a set of a tv program. How cool was that!

So there goes my first TV appearance. 
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