Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zohan is two!

Last Sunday, August 18, 2013, we celebrated Zohan's second birthday. And I was so excited because finally, I only had to think of what would really make him happy on his special day. (Admit it mommies, first birthdays left babies cranky with the crowd, while the adults were the ones having fun!) And to be honest, his second birthday was really my kind of celebration - I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The night before his birthday, I waited for the boy to fell asleep before I sneaked out of the room to decorate our little sala. I initially wanted to cut out his birthday banner, care of the free printables from this site. But it would require four pages of photo paper print-out, and a lot of effort to cut out every letter and artistically hang it from a thread. It was a good thing I came across a complete banner from National Bookstore, which only cost me P40. I settled on the ready-made since to do-it-myself wasn't exactly the practical option. 

We also got him balloons (he loves them!) from National Bookstore. And, the pompoms were made by yours truly. Ninang Joyce gave me this site which served as my guide. Here are the finished products:

When the boy woke up on his birthday, Tatay and Nanay showered him with hugs and kisses and birthday greetings. We stepped out of our bedroom and he saw what I did with our sala. He kept saying "Wow! Bauns!" (He couldn't say balloons just yet.) I only needed to see that joy to make up for forcing my gut out trying to be crafty.

We lead him to the other room where our gift was waiting. 

We gave him a bike because he was so obsessed with it! He'd always borrow his playmate's bike, and oftentimes, he'd sit on his Tatay's thigh and pretend he's pedalling away. When he saw our gift, he didn't say anything but, he almost jumped in to drive it.

We took the bike for a spin at the playground while our companions were busy preparing breakfast for our guests. We invited his playmates for breakfast but unfortunately, his two closest friends, Migs and Charles, couldn't make it that day. We had champorado, hot pandesal with eggs and hotdogs, cake, pichi pichi and his ultimate favorite, spaghetti.

Books as gifts! He loved them!

After entertaining his guests, our celebrant grew tired and slept for a while. Then we prepared to leave for Ark Avilon Zoo. 

While waiting for everyone to get dressed.
He was so fascinated with animals whenever we would read books to him or let him watch Barney or Baby Einstein. He could identify his animals more than his numbers or alphabets, so we unanimously voted on bringing him to the zoo for his birthday.

We had lunch first at the restaurant in front of Fun Ranch - which name now escaped me.

Couldn't make him look at the camera, he was excited to look at the birds

Yes, that's a real snake.

I'm fourteen weeks pregnant and I just couldn't decline his pleas to carry him :(

I think he was saying "fish" in this photo

He wanted to touch the fishes!

When we arrived home, he told everyone what animals he saw that day. He was trying to mimic the "tuger" by widely opening his mouth and letting out a supposedly scary cry. He was so cute! (My son, not the tiger.)

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I'd like to think he really enjoyed his birthday because that was really what my husband and I wanted.

Actually, I couldn't sleep the night before his birthday, perhaps due to anxiety and excitement. But I remembered ending the night with a silent prayer. 

I prayed only for two things for him - that he would always be safe from all harm and that he'd grow up to be a good man. And I also prayed for something for me as a parent - that I would always manage to let him go. Because frankly, I love him too much now that I would oftentimes be blinded to think that I own him. I prayed to God to always remind me that Zohan was only given to us so that we could learn how to love, but never to treat him as ours and demand him to love us back. 

Happy birthday anak. Mahal ka ni Nanay at Tatay.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ako ay Filipino

Ngayong gabi, nanunuod kaming pamilya ng downloaded video ng Old McDonald had a farm. Ipapakita ang mga animals sa video tapos sasabihin ng narrator kung ano ito.

Video: Pigs
Zohan: No, no. Babuy!

Video: Sheep
Zohan: Meehhhhh! 

Video: Chicken
Zohan: No. Kokoh!

Video: Cow
Zohan: Baka!

Pero ito ang winner:

Video: Apples
Zohan: Saging!!

Hahaha. Nagbunga naman ang pagmumulat namin sa kanya na kami ay Pinoy, kaya dapat marunong syang managalog. Nasobrahan nga lang yata ;)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Courtroom Drama

I began writing this entry while seated in a bench beside a family - a mother, wife, and kid, (approximately aged 12) of an accused father. The latter was clad in a yellow detainee shirt, his right hand clasped together in single cuff shared with another detainee. We were all waiting for the court to open in time for the 2:00 pm hearing. 

Earlier, when the detainees were arriving one by one, the wife began to tear up and tried to look away from the detainees' direction, while clutching to her son on her lap. Her mother-in-law sternly cautioned her, "Tibayan mo loob mo." Then, the particular inmate they were waiting for approached them and sat beside the wife. The inmate's first question was, "Bi, bat di ka pumasok skwela?". It was directed to his son, who was then trying to escape from his hugs to go back to his mother. "San galing yang kalmot mo bi? Nakipag away ka ba?", he added. The son shyly kept silent. Then the mother quipped, "O bat nahihiya ka kay papa mo? Di ba hinahanap mo kanina san si papa?". The kid was fidgety; he didn't mutter a word. 

Afterwards, they proceeded to discuss how they could settle the case with the complainant. It was a long, continuous rambling that he was innocent - a statement I would hear in court so often that it has lost its meaning to me. 

Their conversation slowly escaped my attention as my mind wandered off to relive the earlier scenario - when the father tried to hug his evasive kid while gently forcing him to sit on his lap. It was a defining moment that kept on playing back in my mind, to the shameful point of creating a lump in my throat and welling up of my eyes.

Then, the door of the court opened to signal the start of the hearings. His case was the first to be called so I was able to hear the proceedings. I presumed that the charge against him could either be homicide or murder when the Judge called on the family of the victim. A lady dressed in black stood up and identified herself as the wife of the deceased. 

The public prosecutor then manifested that the family of the accused was ready with P30,000 cash to amicably settle the case right there and then. The deceased's wife was asked if she was amenable to accept only P30,000. (The Supreme Court mandates the payment of P50,000 as civil indemnity for death of a person.) Seeing that the deceased's wife needed more time to think, the Judge ordered the parties to discuss things outside the courtroom. They would be called later on when they have reached an agreement.

My case was called, which was done quickly after a few manifestations. I gathered my things and took off. I took a last glance at the parties discussing outside the courtroom.

I thought my emotions have toughened up in dealing with court cases. I was proven wrong. Being a parent made me vulnerable to a number of things, like empathy and pain. Or perhaps I was just caught at a really bad time.

I had a sick kid at home when I left for that hearing. I was running on only a few hours of sleep that day since I was on rotation with the husband the night before, to monitor Zohan's temperature. So I had a fresh memory of how parenting was so much easier when you didn't have to do it alone.

As I head home, I kept wondering if the accused will also head home that night. A child deserves to grow up with a father around. The child I saw that day deserved this chance. His father's fitness to be one was another matter that I was not in a position to judge. So I just uttered a silent prayer - of thanksgiving for me and my family; and for hope and perseverance for them.
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