Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower!

It's a boy! But no, it's not my baby - it's Nina's!

Last weekend, we successfully surprised our lawschool barkada, Nina (whom we fondly call Boinks), with a baby shower. And boy, was she surprised! She thought all along the gathering was for Joyce's birthday celebration; little did she know that our friends, her sisters and nieces were all anxiously waiting for her party to begin. You could tell by the look on her face how overwhelmed she was to see the whole kaboodle! 

We had to credit Joyce for organizing the event. She patiently delegated tasks to us, leaving the more important duties to her and her bufra. I honestly believed everyone delivered

Look at how Mai turned Red Box-Greenbelt to a baby shower venue with her pompoms and decors and whatnots. 

I've never been the crafty type, so while they were all busy trying to magically turn crepe papers into a blooming flower, I was writing thank you notes to be inserted on our give away ecobags.

Elsewhere in Greenbelt, our friend Fila was running out of excuses to stall Nina so she would not yet go to the venue. When we were finally ready, Nina was in for a pleasant surprise!

After the exchange of pleasantries and the winding down of our pregnant momma's natural high, we all proceeded to have our buffet lunch just outside our room. I didn't know Red Box was offering buffet lunch – which was surprisingly good although there were only a few selections.

I was in charge of the games, so after we're done with the hearty lunch, I took the stage to be the emcee slash game master of the day. We played walang kamatayang charades, with topics on motherhood and parenting, of course. 

 For a bunch of single ladies who were not yet mothers, my friends sure knew a lot about motherhood. Maybe it was a sign they should hit the road soon.

We also prepared a game for the boys to make them feel they were not just dragged by their partners into attending the event. They were asked to approximate, through a yarn, the waist of Nina's baby bump just by looking at her. The most accurate guess would win. Here is Nina preparing to give the actual measurement.

 Next game is The Baby Price is Right. We showed them photos of baby products and they would guess the price. The closest guess to the actual price would win.

Some of the items shown were ridiculously priced, like the Stoke Tripp Trapp High Chair, which left everyone in disbelief. How could a single baby item cost a tuition fee? Welcome to my world, my dear friends.

We also asked everyone to give a message to Nina as they open their gifts and explain what it would be for. From the Cristobal spouses, we gave her cloth diapers from Next9, because while we may look silly, irresponsible  kids, we're actually mature adults who care for the environment. #chos

Look at the rest of the wonderful, not to mention, useful gifts given by Nina's friends and sisters. 

I couldn't help but remember my own baby shower thrown by the same people some three years ago. All the gifts given to me were put to good use. I'm sure Nina would do the same.

To Karl and Nina, congratulations. 

To Nina, you are one of the prettiest pregnant mommies I've ever seen - I wish you a safe and uneventful delivery. 

Welcome to my world, I'm so glad to have you on-board. Happy mothering!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mr. Pogi

If there's one thing that I try as much as I can to be good at in this whole parenting duties,  it's my adamant attempt to equip my son with simplicity and humility.

But at this day and age, imposing simplicity and humility is perhaps as difficult as parenting itself. It's a good thing that Zohan's Tatay knows the virtues by heart, so much so that he takes charge whenever I'm manifesting signs of going astray.

In our attempt not to raise an egoistic son, we have been trying several methods of discipline which may probably be so out of the box for some. In the book Discipline without Shouting or Spanking by Jerry Wyckoff and Barbara Unell, one of my go-to guides, they stressed the importance of separating a child from his behavior. 

For instance, the book says,

"Don't praise your child, but rather praise what she is doing. For example, instead of saying "You're a good girl for sitting quietly," say, "It's good you're sitting quietly." Focus your praise or disapproval on your child's behavior, because that is what you're interested in managing."

It echoed our preferred parenting philosophy in the sense that we will not be giving our son the mistaken idea that his personality is a cut above the rest, without however, depriving him of praises when he deserves it.

Everything is going along well and good, until my brother-in-law taught Zohan this cute antic that goes, Sinong pogi?

As you can probably guess, the question Sinong pogi? is being repeatedly asked in our house now, just to be graced with this cute response. That includes me, the behavorial-parent-police. 

So I guess this is what they say about loosing a certain level of control on things the minute one becomes a parent. But what the heck, I guess I just have to pray, and show our kid good examples of more substantial behaviors. For now, a little praise of how cute he really is probably won't hurt. Don't you think?
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