Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where to eat in Binondo

I haven't done my Where to Eat portion in a while because obviously, I have not gone outside the metro for so long! My new job has put in obscurity all my junkets, but I was okay with it since in exchange, I've been spending a lot of time with my boys.

Anyway, for our second wedding anniversary,  we opted a do-it-yourself food trail in Binondo. This was a more adventurous celebration compared to our first wedding anniversary, when we just had lunch at Chocolate Kiss in UP and then a heavy-movie date right after. Think Incredibly Close and Extremely Loud, where I cried buckets of tears. 

Anyway, here's what you can eat (and expect) at a Binondo Food Trail:

How to get there:
I would not recommend bringing your car for lack of a good parking space. And besides, the trail would require a lot of walking since most of the nooks and crannies were difficult to reach by car. If you have no qualms taking public transportation, that would be better. Just make sure to wear comfortable clothes, take care of your belongings, and ready your parasol. Majinet!

From Makati, take a bus/jeep going to LRT Buendia Station. Take the train and alight at Carriedo Station. Walk a few blocks, don't be afraid to ask around. If you see the Plaza Sta. Cruz with the Carriedo Fountain in the middle, you're on the right track. Enter through the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch (or Arch of Goodwill), and let the foodfest begin!

1. Shanghai Friend Siopao
This was the first on the list- a yummy siopao that's fried! The place was unassuming, so make sure to carefully look for every signage so that you wouldn't miss it. It was located along Ongpin corner Bahama Streets. Each siopao costs P16.00 each, we shared three siopaos. How was that for a cheap date? Kristan said the siopao was good, and I agreed very passionately! Eating it removed my weird fear everytime I would bite any siopao that I was actually ingesting a cat! This one tasted very "veggie", although it wasn't really made out of pure vegetables.

Shanghai Fried Siopao
This is how it's done

2. Dong Bei Dumplings
This was a small stall located at almost the tail end of Yuchengco St. (from the main road, turn to the side where a grocery stall was located). 

Their specialty was kutsay-filled steamed dumplings, which was a healthy and yummy concoction that came cheap at P100 for 8 pieces.

Kutsay-filled steamed dumplings
 Kristan found it a little overrated though. We brought some as pasalubong, but it didn't taste as good when cooked at home. Joyce said their xiao long bao was also good, but we weren't able to try it. Tip: No matter how tempting, do not order softdrinks! I finished these dumplings off with a good old coke, and that sealed the end of the food trail for me!

While we were still full from Dong Bei's dumplings, we walked around and chanced upon this little grocery store called Bee Tin. It's a haven of Chinese products that we would not normally see in a regular grocery store. Kristan brought some fresh dates, while I tried this milk tea. 

This was a little pricey so I was crossing my fingers that they would taste like my favorite Toastbox's cold teh. It was a good thing that they did not disappoint.

3. Wai Ying Restaurant

This was where we had lunch. We ordered Beef Wanton (P100)
Pardon the mess! Not really a good photoblogger, eh?

Beef Chong Fan (P65)

This was a flat dumpling with soysauce. I wasn't able to try this since I made the dumbest mistake of stuffing myself with coke. My husband said they were just okay.

Hakaw (P70)

They were good, one of my husband's favorites!
Siomai (P65, four pieces), which I forgot to take a photo of. 

Milk Tea (at P50 each)

I'm an ultimate milk tea fan! Even before they became a craze, I was already in love with Chowking's Nai Cha. That was why I expected a lot from the authentic ones. They were patiently made through the contraptions shown in the photo below..
Nai cha love!
 And I was so happy with the result! Their milk tea was the bomb.

There were other food stops which we opted to try some other time. The Kainan sa Estero located in an alley beside the estero was known for their crispy fried frog legs. We thought family life was adventure enough for us, so we passed up on the frogs!

Another famous food stop is the Cafe Mezzanine (located above Eng Bee Tin) known for their Soup #5, made out of bull's testicles. The proceeds from the said restaurant were said to go to the volunteer firefighters of Binondo. So if you weren't really a fan of exotic dishes, perhaps these firemen will be reason enough for you to try it out. 

There you go! We had fun doing this food trail. You should try it, too! 'Til the next anniversary =)


  1. Those dumplings look delicious. With all the walking and food stores closely built together, no wonder you get hungry easily just by looking at the food.

    1. Yes nakakagutom talaga and nakakapagod, but its so much fun. I can't imagine doing it at this time though, sa sobrang init baka di na maging masaya mag food trail ngayon. Haha.

  2. Belated happy anniversary K! Fun date you had. Haven't the fried siopao, di ko pa yan nakikita tsaka yung Wai Ying. Love Dong Bei dumplings =)

    1. Try mo yung fried siopao masarap sya! At sulit sa sobrang mura. I love dong bei too! My husband said otherwise, wala kasi syang taste. Lol.

  3. You two are a cute couple! And that siopao looks good! I remember one time when Mike was asking saan ko gustong kumain for my bday celebration and all I could think of was Goto King. Hehe. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun to do.

    1. Yes I agree! I think if simple lang din talaga personality mo, even if you have the option to try lavish things every once in a while, mas masarap pa rin yung nakasanayan dba?

  4. Thanks ! We're taking 7 kids to binondo later today ...i hope we don't get lost

    1. Wow! 7 kids! I can't even begin to imagine. Di naman siguro kayo mawawala, madali lang naman sya hanapin. But with this weather, ay grabe. Stress drilon yan sa init tapos may makukulit na mga bata. Hehehe. Hope they behave themselves, enjoy!


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