Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My husband is definitely a fan of basketball. Given a choice, he would want to play in a professional league, but fate had other plans. Inasmuch as I love him to the nines, honesty has always been the rule and ego-pampering the exception in our relationship. Although he can play ball (even better when he was younger and uhm, well, thinner), he lacks the much-needed height to rule the game.

The “vertical challenge” notwithstanding, he loves the sport so much as a player and spectator. In fact, he is an avid watcher of games on TV to my ultimate detriment and annoyance. (Seriously, where is the fun in watching full-grown men fighting over a ball? Can somebody just give each player a ball and let them shoot as much as they want? How can there be so many conferences/seasons when the activity is all the same? What difference does it all make?)

But being the understanding wife that I am, I indulge my husband by sitting down with him in front of the tv during the last game of the PBA every conference. You can even hear me frantically yelling, “YOOOONN!!! CAGUIOA!!!!!!” Yeah, what a pretentious little bitch I am, because if you look at me close enough, you will notice that the hint of happiness in my eyes flows from knowing that the conference has just ended and I will hear not another buzzer again. 

But the happiness is doomed to end as I soon learn that with the end of PBA, the NBA season begins.

More than a year into the marriage and this has been practically a vicious cycle in our house. For the life of me, I just cannot learn how to appreciate basketball. I’d much rather switch the channel of the TV to Bloomberg and strain my eyes on the graphic movements of the stock market.

Then, Zohan happened to me – and he didn’t spare my feelings towards basketball from the things he planned on changing in my life.

He is actually nagtatampo in this photo. Pardon our slippers.
Looking at those images, you can already tell what he is into. But to give you a clearer picture of how much he adores basketball, try switching the channel to Basketball TV and boom! He will dance his head and motion his hands in the act of shooting a ball. How cute is that?

 Literally, basketball.

He couldn’t leave the darn ball even in his sleep.

Of course, this is no assurance that he will end up to be a good basketball player. (But I really wouldn’t mind if he does!) But with the way things are going, it seems that I will be the only bummer in the house who doesn’t get giddy every time PBA or NBA is showing. Do I want that? I don’t think so. So yes, sorry I have to go. Ginebra is on tonight.

Monday, November 5, 2012

An UPDATE! (plus some heavy thoughts)

Yep, I'm still here! I'm drowning in the sea of reflection and contemplation, but I'm glad I still managed to squeeze in two timely posts (for Halloween and for my anniversary with Kristan) after a very long hiatus. 

I've been through a rollercoaster of emotions and a series of events, hence the lack of post. I also contemplated on deleting this blog altogether, but I hung on to my mantra of late that "Nothing just happens". So okay, I started this blog for a reason - which may not be clear to me now, but it will have to unfold sooner or later. In the meantime, I just have to keep swimming (or in this case, writing). 

I also failed to keep you posted about what happened to my two golden weeks. Perhaps because aside from the lack of time, there was also a lack of face, so to speak. Obviously, things didn't pan out as planned. As said golden weeks drew near, I listed down the pre-employment requirements of my new work, my errands which had been archived in my To-Do List under "can wait", and some other personal stuff. I tried to narrow it down, but the list still filled up two pages!  

It turned out, in two weeks, I only managed to stay at home for three full days, which made me came up with this thought - that working mothers should be given an extra holiday and just call it "errand day". (Seriously, weekends are never enough to do all the errands because it's supposedly time for family! Now, if we could only find a kind-hearted sponsor in the Senate.)

Anyway, despite the long list that I had to tick off, I was still able to spend time with Zohan. We went home to my province and his Tatay's during the two weekends. 

at our home in the province
Here in Manila, I would whip up something in the kitchen every now and then:

pancakes (in the afternoon!) and Nanay's version of Jamba Juice's choco moo'd
Of course, we played (a lot!), I accompanied him to swim, we would sleep in the afternoon, I would read him books at night, I even tagged him along to do the groceries. I made sure that what I lacked in quantity, I made up for quality. 

Also, while I was on a break, I had the chance to distance myself a little from the chaos of the world. While I was at it, I finally did my husband a favor and bought myself the book The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck. 

There was a little background story about that purchase. I had been bugging him for as long as I can remember that I wanted to enroll in a yoga class. When he asked me what for, I gave a straight-from-the-gut response that I wanted to loose weight. Apparently, that was the wrong answer, as I was accused of stripping yoga of its true meaning. So the next chance I got, I said I wanted to do yoga to find my center. (clever, yes?) He said okay but not without a condition: I must first steep myself in "spiritual literature" so that I can do yoga with a proper frame of mind.  Well, what do you expect? I conceded and bought the darn book from a plethora of his suggested titles. 

The Road Less Travelled was about a new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth. Kristan read it when he was in college. When we went home to his province, he eagerly looked for his copy and showed it to me. As I browsed through it, a certain page immediately caught my attention. I grabbed my own copy of the book and looked for the same page.

We both highlight our books when we read

Read several years apart, and we highlighted the exact same lines!
"To willingly confront a problem early, before we are forced to confront it by circumstances, means to put aside something pleasant or less painful for something more painful. It is choosing to suffer now in the hope of future gratification rather than choosing to continue present gratification in the hope that future suffering will not be necessary."
Still on the mantra that "Nothing Just Happens", I took it to mean that delaying gratification should help me cope with the pressing issues I had at the moment. Truth be told, I have not finished reading the book yet. I wanted to digest each and every letter of it, and then take it to heart. True enough, the book helped me put things back in perspective  and "find my center", in a manner of speaking. While I'm still a work in progress, I could fairly say that it has been a real sanity saver. 

So that's what my golden weeks had been about. Quite tedious in the beginning, but I was glad I found something to slow me down towards the end. How about you? What has been saving your sanity lately? :)
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