Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zohan Turns One!

If there was wisdom in procrastination, this would be it. We put off reserving the 18th of August in the function room of our condo for Zohan's birthday celebration because the husband - in a very Kristan-fashion - reasoned it was way too early to reserve. (He wanted to chill and procrastinate like that.) As luck would have it, the date of Zohan's actual birthday had already been booked more than a month before

You could just imagine the dagger looks I was throwing at the husband's direction, and I vowed never to listen to his wisdom again. I thought I have repeated that many times over for him to get the message. But if you know him, I bet, what he had in mind the whole time I was nagging was the image of him being rocked in a hammock on a tree in a mid-day sun as he sipped his freshly made fruit shake. Nothing could ruffle his feathers, and I hate that. (Okay, sometimes, I thank him for that.)

So anyway, since we could not schedule the party on the 18th of August, we had to settle for the August 19 slot.

Zohan and I woke up early on his birthday. I showered him with kisses all over to greet him Happy Birthday, but I knew he wouldn't appreciate all of that. So I gave him something that would truly make him happy on his first birthday - freedom!

If you were also a working mom, like me, who couldn't get to play with your babies during the day, you might have a similar dilemma. Having a trusted babysitter could, albeit unintentionally, make your child sheltered. And not in a good way. 

As I had observed, babysitters had this tendency to be overprotective knowing that they would be held accountable for whatever happened to the child to the extent of sacrificing the child's opportunity to explore. That's why, every chance I get, I would always bring my child to the playground and allow him more room to explore his surroundings, to pick up that fallen leaf, or crawl to the ground, or stand up on his wobbly knees, or to do practically everything that a person other than his mother would be afraid to approve of. 

Having grown up in the province where kids were allowed to play on the ground from sunrise to sunset, with barely a supervision, I felt like I was depriving my child a lot by sheltering him within the confines of our room. I put to heart that TV ad, where the mommy would say, "When you say YES, that's when he learns best."  Unfortunately, I earned the ire of other mommies and nannies on the playground because of such attitude.  (I maybe the most unpopular mommy on the block.)

After all that playing, poor boy dozed off. Then, we headed to Glorietta for the obligatory first hair cut. We had a “pamahiin” in the province that the kid would emulate whoever cut his hair for the first time. I gave the honor to the husband. Here's a before-the-haircut photo with his Nonna.

Knowing how fussy and edgy Zohan could get around strangers, I was betting my date nights that he wouldn't allow anyone to touch his hair without putting up a good fight. True enough, he settled into the seat and played with the car-chair only for a while.

 Then, when the entire “cutting team” went full force with all their games, he cried and held his breath like he always did.

 Eventually, the monumental haircutting was finished, but only because his Tatay carried him the entire time!

After I've seen him without those misbehaved hair-strands which perpetually crowded his face, I felt an unexplainable gentle tug in my heart.  He no longer looked like a baby to me, and I affirmed this with his Tatay. He, too, had his moment of sadness, but I guess that came with the territory.

After the haircut, we whiffed off the drama and headed to J.Co. for some merienda, care of Nonna, of course. (When she's here, she's in charge!)  Zohan had his first donut, well, sans the coatings and all the sweet stuff. It was also his first time to be in Greenbelt, would you believe? And his second time to be in a mall. (First time was written here.) There's also a wisdom in not lugging around the baby to the mall, go ask the husband.

I hate to accept this, but as it turned out, his procrastination in making the reservation for the venue paid off. I realized it was happier to celebrate his birthday that way – with just us, family - in a very simple manner. In fact, it felt like an ordinary day with no special food on the table or birthday candles to blow. And that actually suited as a family - no fuss, simple, loving and happy.

It made me appreciate more the things that mattered. I have a husband, whose strength of character I truly admire. I have a mother who never stopped becoming one to me, to my son and to my husband. And I have a son, whose arrival changed me for the better, and whose first birthday I celebrated with so much happiness. Could it be any better than that? I guess no amount of birthday party can beat that!


  1. belated happy birthday zohan!!! =)


  2. Binata na! Belated happy birthday!

    PS: I loved this: "You could just imagine the dagger looks I was throwing at the husband's direction" Hihihi, I could just imagine!

    1. Hahaha! thanks for the greetings.

      And yes, dagger looks talaga ;)

  3. gwapo! happy birthday baby zohan :)


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