Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aqua Blue - Lime Green First Birthday Party!

We initially wanted to do away with the celebration of Zohan's first birthday. Everything we did on August 18, which I had written here, was already a perfect celebration for me. I mean, Zohan just turned one! He wouldn't remember any of it even if we invited the president of the Philippines to blow the candles for him.

But as his birthday drew near, people had been raising eyebrows left and right whenever the husband and I would voice out our dislike for hosting a party. Even our immediate families had been sending signals of disapproval, so to cut the long story short, we decided on a simple lunch to celebrate the boy's birthday.

However, even if we stressed on the "simple", that's hardly ever the case when we host an event. It would always end up anything but simple - perhaps because we both came from big extended families and a bunch of common friends. So what really happened last Sunday was a festive lunch for the adults, and a swimming party for the kids.

I didn't prepare any games. I figured that throwing a bunch of kids on the swimming pool - with abundant food on the table when they grew tired of swimming - would be just as fun. (Of course, the real reason was I was too lazy to prepare games, and too thrifty to spend for an entire entertainment party package.)

I was also careful not to give in to all the "themed birthdays" scattered all over the internet. If I would work on a theme, it would be opening the sluice gate to all the party essentials attached to it. (I'm speaking of party loot bags, greeting flags, photo booths, dainty dessert table, give-aways, etc, etc.) I thought a color wouldn't hurt – so we had an aqua blue-lime green party. 

My party inspiration for the colors could be found here. (I wanted to publish the photos here, but given the recent Sotto-plagiarism hullabaloo, it's best to just direct you to the site. If you want to have theme-inspired parties, that site is a haven!)


I decided against getting an all-in catering service in order to save up money. That meant affordable but more complicated party planning because I had to scout for different suppliers for almost every thing. For balloons, tables and chairs, I chanced upon Bing's Balloons on the internet. 

A month before the event, I met up with one of their staffs to make sure they had the perfect hues for the blue-green party I was gunning for. I only settled on a color theme, so it better looked uniform. Good thing, they had the perfect shades of aqua blue and lime green - which translated into balloons and table cloth covers. 

On the date of the event, the staff arrived early to set up. Bing, the owner, was also there to supervise the work. They gave a very professional service, and affordable, too. They charged P350 for a 10-seater table-and-chairs, P150 per centerpiece balloon arrangement, and P150 per ceiling-balloon arrangement. 


Food had to be good because it would be the only thing people would go to our party for, given the absence of games and activities. I booked Aling Teresing's. (They had no website, but this article was a good review.) Considering that we had a bunch of kids as guests, ordering food on a per-head basis would be costly and impractical. I ordered viands in bulk and calculated the quantity that would suffice for our guests, which I approximated to be 150. Our guests commended the food, which made me one happy party planner! We had Baked Spareribs, Morcon, Roast Beef, Cordon Bleu, Buttered Tanigue, and Green Peas with Quail Eggs. For dessert, we had buko salad. I anticipated that the kids would go hungry after swimming, so I asked Nana Azon to cook lumpiang shanghai. Nonna also ordered Amber's Pancit Malabon and Spaghetti. 

Aling Teresing's Catering

4704 Balagtas St., Don Galo, ParaƱaque City
02(852-52-42) and 02(851-26-74)


1173 Chino Roces Avenue,
San Antonio Village, Makati City
(02) 403-7777 to 78


Despite the original plan to go for something simple, I was adamant to get a pretty cake and cupcakes. It would give life to my color theme, and kids would surely enjoy munching on some pretty cupcakes. I chose Kalea's Food Confections because of the good reviews about her work. I narrowed down a handful of suppliers for cakes and cupcakes, and Kalea's price was one of the most affordable, so it had to be her. The cake's design was also inspired  by the blue-green themed party of the Hostess with the Mostess, which I had linked to above.

I ordered 50 cupcakes, which also elicited great comments from our guests. 

 Kids licked it with so much gusto! 

Kalea's Food Confections
San Antonio Valley 3, Sucat, ParaƱaque

One of our friends, Mel, was so nice to gift Zohan with more cupcakes! Hers was more sophisticated because they were individually wrapped, with birthday tags and Zohan's picture and all. And it's a gift, so I would take anything like that anytime :) Her cousin, a budding pastry supplier, did the job. I wasn't able to taste it because they sold like hot "cupcakes" haha, but I've been told they tasted good. Details below:

Sweet Blossoms by Heidi Cardenas

Email her at: mahhc_huesca727@yahoo.com
Cell No.: 0932-890-0727


Do-it-yourself (DIY) parties were such a hit nowadays. (Or perhaps, I only came across them now that I became a mom.) When I browsed different party planning sites, I was inspired to cut out birthday banners and cupcake toppers and all that jazz. But when I get down to it, I would suddenly feel sleepy and uninspired! 

So, here came Party Starters. If you wanted an artsy feel for your parties, but your time, or your hands, wouldn't let you do the craft, contact Mitch! She created Zohan's invitation,  and she could do a lot more! They could also supply a lot of party needs. Visit Party Starter's Facebook Page here and you would be transported to a local Martha Stewart. (Oh, and she's so nice and accommodating to my requests!) 

Address and number intentionally blurred


I would have to admit that there's still a sentimental side to this no-fuss mama. I imagined the delight of looking at old photos several years down the road. And since I did not want to delegate the job to a poor friend or relative, I decided to get the most affordable photo coverage there was in the metro. And boy, are they affordable! 

Studio 2716 Photography Services consisted of young photographers, and what I liked about young freelancers were the fresh ideas and the adrenalin they had. Judging by the photos below, they did a pretty good job. However, since our guests were scattered in different nooks and crannies, they weren't able to give everyone equal exposure! Some of our guests had one photo while others landed on a hundred. (Of course, I was exaggerating, but you get the drift.) Despite that one tiny setback, I would still get their services for future events, and I hoped they maintain their affordable price.

There you go! It was a very tiring, but fun day for us! I wasn't sure if we would have the same plans for the next birthdays. We would prefer to keep it modest and simple next time. And I'm guessing Zohan would give a whole new meaning to "terrible" two, so, we might just stay at home and sleep it away! Haha.

Happy Birthday Z! Tatay and Nanay love you - from the time that you were conceived. And there's nothing you can do to make us love you any more or any less. But please, do not work too hard on the "any less" part. :) 


  1. love it! lime green is my favorite color! happy birthday zohan :)

    1. Thank you! Lime green is so purrrrteee! Hahaha. Pwede pa ngayon ang mga ganyang kulay habang wala pang muwang ang anak ko. Paglaki nya, hindi na keri ang mga kulay na ganito ka-arte dba? At least Lia's a girl, pwede nyang bet din ang mga lime green, ganyan.

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Zohan :D

    I love all the photos! Lalo na your family picture and the photo of you and Z - mahangin lang sa labas ang peg :-)

    1. Thank you Em. Actually, literal na mahangin talaga sa labas hahahah!

  3. Inabangan ko talaga ang blog na ito, bilang may special appearance ang anak ko! stage muder talaga. seriously, this article is very helpful. sana ginawa mo ito bago pa ang birthday ni Caleb. hihi. labs yu!

    1. Ang kyot kyot ni caleb dito dba??? Tapos after a while naging kulay purple na sya sa sobrang ginaw kakaswimming hahah!

      Sa next birthday party ni caleb, i-achieve mo ang theme, ganyan. Tulungan kita!

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  5. Zohan sure looks like he's an active healthy boy! Every detail in your party is just so enjoyable! I'm sure that everybody had a great time!

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  8. You have a cute balloon centerpiece. I will definitely try this on my daughter's first birthday.

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