Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Green Eggs and Moms x Legallymama

If you noticed, I've been missing in action this month of July (save for an off-tangent post on where to eat when you're in Cagayan de Oro City).

Despite the seeming absence, I did not stop writing - I just had it posted somewhere else. I was Greeneggsandmoms' guest blogger for the month of July! I waited until the end of July before making the big announcement here, so that I would not be stealing the thunder from my nice host. It's August now, so lookit!

So silly, you can see the minimized window, how to capture a screenshot! Hahaha. Computer idiot me.

Greeneggsandmoms is a blog authored by Anne Mercado. Her goal, which is to help mom with young kids stay sane, was achieved by offering fun, creative and informative articles written by a dash of humor, so you can make better parenting choices while getting a dose of laughter.

I'm not quite sure if I've done justice to her goals. But I tried. So, if you weren't able to catch my weekly posts there, go ahead and visit her site through the following links:

Towards the end of July, Anne interviewed me about my thoughts on parenting. If you want to be a better mom, go search for Dr. Sears instead. But if you feel like being silly does the trick sometimes, you can read the interview here.

The articles I've written for Anne were quite different from my usual random posts around here. Apparently, there was a style for web-writing which captured more readers. I was not informed, so that would explain why my web-visit stat was stuck most of the time. Haha. Anne was so nice to share some tips to me - even going to the ends of suggesting revisions and titles, to make my article better. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact her here.

Thank you Anne, for having me!

As for me, well, you can still expect the same silly posts. After all, I don't think I will ever fit in a box, the grandious package and ribbons notwithstanding. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Where to eat in Cagayan de Oro City

I would not make a good food blogger. To put it bluntly, I didn't know enough adjectives for foods or the restaurant's ambience. The most that you could possibly read in my posts would be the likes of "it melts in your mouth but not in your hands", or "it was bursting with flavor". That would probably be it, along with "the food is good, the food is not good, it is expensive, it is cheap". 

But whenever I was assigned to an out-of-town work, the first thing that would come to my mind was to find the right places to eat and the best choice of food. And there weren't a lot of help offered by the internet because mostly, the reviews were restaurant-specific, not geographical. Of late, I had been given out of town field works in the office that required me to stay overnight, I figured it would be nice to do a recommendation where to eat in the provinces that I would be assigned to. To me, food choices were subjective. What might be palatable to me might not appear the same to another. So I would feature the restaurants that I had visited and you could just look at the menu for yourselves. Or you could try what I ordered and proceed at your own risk. After all, food choices for me had always been a series of hit or miss.

Let me begin this series with my gastronomical experience in Cagayan de Oro City.

La Tegola Cucina Italia
They call these focaccia. I thought focaccia was a rather thick bread where you could put spread on, but these were very thin-sliced crispy bread. It was so good and the best thing about it was - it's a complimentary appetizer -- so they could call it  aso and I wouldn't mind at all. 


Mozarella Cheese, tomato sauce, ground sausage, fresh tomato and herbs.
Price: P280
Good for sharing - but since I was alone, I had the left-over travelled all the way from CDO to Manila for the husband.
Definitely a hit!

Spaghetti Pasta with assorted seafoods, tomato sauce, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked in oven.
Price: P280
Just okay.

I ended my Italian feast with Pistachio flavored gelatto. I found it hard to stand up after because I gobbled up more than my body could carry. The next time I would be in CDO, I would definitely go back for more Italian lovin!

La Tegola Cucina Italia is located at #05 Rizal St., Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City. They also have several branches in Cebu City.

 La Vetta - Great French
If you're in the mood for some exquisite French cuisine, La Vetta might just be the right restaurant for you.

These are razor-thin slices of raw tenderloin beef drizzled with olive oil and topped with aged manchego.
Price: P195
Hit - but I thought my blood pressure shoot up after I downed all that raw beef!

Seafood treat of squid, mussels, shrimps and scallops in tomato sauce.
Price: P275
Hit - One of the best pastas I've ever tasted - with just the freshest seafood.

La Vetta Restaurant is located at Rosario Arcade, right beside Limketkai Mall.

Vienna Kaffehaus
Chopped tomatoes with garlic, basil, olive oil and parmesan cheese served on bread. 
Price: P85, if I remember it right?
Miss :( The tomatoes were not so fresh, and the taste left much to be desired.
Tender meat which falls right off the bone - baked in the oven and then grilled to perfection. Very generous sauce.
Price: P200

 Vienna Kaffehaus is located at #54 Don A. Velez-Chavez St., Cagayan de Oro City. 

Cagayan de Oro would not be tagged as the City of Golden Friendship for nothing. The people there were nice and accommodating. I felt safe roaming around the city streets, walking aimlessly at the Cogon Public Market, and taking public transportation (jeepney, multi-cabs, tricycle). By the way, please don't judge my appetite. Being a nursing momma, I kept on going back to the hotel to express milk. So that would explain the appetite.

'Til the next fieldwork!

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