Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Half-Year Drama

I was cleaning up the mess in our room one night when I was suddenly stunned at the sight of two pairs of shoes carelessly strewn about the frame of our bed. At six months, both of them had been outgrown by the little boy. 

And so I wondered, where had all those six months been? I could barely recall everything about those months. Well, there were a few episodes of infant acne, blocked tear ducts, colic bouts, (I do remember colic bouts very vividly!) cradle cap, and baracuda baby sucking, but that's about it. Details of everyday of those six months seemed like  just a figment of a very distant past. 

It hasn't been a year but so much has been happening in our lives that it feels like if I blink, I may not be able to recall what just happened last week.

That's why amidst all the chaos, I would like to take time and try to write down what is in the "now." It feels a little symbolic because Zohan is half a year already. Add a few years to that, I might not be able to recount to him the beauty of this day. So I hope that one day, he could just go over this post and smile or smirk with matching WTH, whichever suits him.

At six months, you are already a character. You are a very happy baby. You would instantly smile the moment we open the front door coming from the office. We have put together 7,524 ways to create a syllable from the alphabet during our playtime, and we mostly get rewarded from sounding and looking silly with your chuckles and laughters.

You can be a little dramatic, though. If you see no one around, you will instantly cry. Even if I'm just turning my back to get a new diaper or to turn on the fan, you always interpret such actions to mean that I'm leaving you alone. And you will cry. In a nanosecond, I will get back to you and then you will smile so sweetly. And you always melt my heart with that. 

At night, you prefer to be breasfed while I hold you as I rest my back on the headboard of our bed. You sleep more easily that way, rather than lying directly on the bed while being breastfed on my side. You still wake up at night. Yes, you're not yet sleeping through the night. Tatay and I have been experimenting by letting you cry out for a while until you doze off again. But as luck would have it, you invariably elevate your whimpers to  full blown crying bouts. So Tatay would give in and urge me to breastfeed you so you can go back to sleep. And indeed, you will go back to sleep instantly, as if you just needed to know that I am there and you are not alone. 

You are a pretty healthy baby. Your last six months had been uneventful, save for a few cough and colds which had been miraculously cured by breastmilk alone. And just so you know, Tatay and I have gone the extra mile to attend all hearings and fieldworks that our body can tolerate to eke out some  extra transportation allowance for your monthly vaccines. Thank god the vaccines seem to work.

You can already crawl. You toss and turn a lot. And you occupy half of our bed every night. You can sit pretty steady without support.  You can utter a few syllables. Your first was "ba-ba". And we have heard several combinations of those a's and b's since. (And some other letters,too!)

You don't poo-poo everyday. And you cry everytime you do, which makes me worry a little. I shall ask your new pediatrician about it, except that I'm still searching for him/her these days. You are never sensitive with wet diapers. You don't usually cry even if your diapers are soiled.  But when the temperature gets just a little bit hot, your temper invariably does the same. You sweat a lot, but only in your head and nape.

You giggle and laugh a lot when your Tatay plays with you. I don't get that same happiness from you no matter how much I try to look and sound silly with all those coos and caas and whatnots. But that's okay. My bonding time with you is when I breastfeed. That time is ours and ours alone. When you are latched in my bosom, time and space seem to disappear. I could just stare at you and feel how much close you are to me. I notice every tiny detail of your face. I drift and imagine every tiny detail of my dreams for you. Sometimes , sore/cracked nipples sabotage this sublime experience.  I  push on through despite the pain but forgive me because when it all gets too painful, I sometimes cuss.

I try to take as much pictures of you as I can. I used to be a camwhore,  but of the 300 plus pictures on my phone, there's not a single photo of me. All of them are your pictures from the time you were born, until the latest which tatay  took yesterday while I was taking a shower.
While I was in the shower, somebody's messing up with my clothes!

But don't worry, you can never find a picture of your face mercilessly placed beside a huge monthly birthday cake. We made sure there are no such photos. Oh, and I'm sorry but there were no cakes either. 


You are so much loved by the people around you - our family and friends. But most specially by your Nanay and Tatay. In a world of changes, our love for you would always remain constant; I can promise you that.

Zohan at six months

Let this be a memento of your first six months.  Just refer to this post when I can't seem to answer your queries many years from now. 

Now, back to cleaning the house.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Smashing Pumpkin

Okay, it's really squash and not pumpkin, but I just thought Smashing Pumpkin is a catchy title.

Yesterday, I told you about my failed attempt to introduce banana to Zohan. Today, we boiled a small portion of squash and mashed it again with a few drops of breastmilk:

It looked like the photo of mashed banana I posted here, but believe me, it's not the same!
I was really hoping that this time, he would at least give the squash a chance. You see, last night, I attempted to introduce carrots, but I failed at the preparation stage so it didn't make the cut to be featured today. I wouldn't bother you with the details of the failed carrots because I sucked big time, and I'm depriving you of the chance to laugh at how stupid clueless I was. 

Anyway, so off I go again to prepare the paraphernalia and the food, and with a hopeful heart and a rising impatience, I gave the boy his first taste of squash.

Well, guess what...

He's so sneaky and careful not to let even just a bit of that smashed squash be swallowed by him. He was even retching. Sneaky boy. And that left me one frustrated mama. :(

Hayyy. Why oh why do you not want to eat?

On a lighter note, look at that face. He looks so funny!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Going Bananas!

It's Zohan's second week on solid foods, and as promised, I shall try to document the foods that we introduce to him for the first month in order to help other clueless mothers out there with what to give their babies.

I was actually thinking of potatoes for his vegetable requirement this second week. It's a good thing that I came across momtastic's wholesome babyfood site. I tell you, it's like a bottomless pit of information about everything you need to know about solid food for babies. It's got a chart of the proper foods for the different ages of babies, amazing recipes so that your babies won't get bored with their daily food, proper storage and handling of prepared foods, and a whole lot more. Here, I share with you the solid food chart for babies aged six to eight months.

Photo source

I searched for the nutritional contents of potatoes on the site, and I learned that, "[d]ue to their lower level of important nutrients and a high amount of starchy carbohydrates, it would best to keep white potatoes out of baby's diet until between 8-10 months of age." It pays to read up, right?

Another information that I learned from the site is that instead of waiting for an entire week before introducing another food, you can follow the "four-day-wait" rule instead. In fact, most pediatricians now suggest that instead of waiting for four days, "..babies may be introduced to a variety of foods, all at once, even during the first days of introducing solid foods. The thought is that offering a wider variety of tastes and textures, early and often, will get baby’s tastebuds excited and 'trained' to enjoy flavors of all types.  Offering a larger variety sooner, such as serving 4 new foods during a 2 or 4 day span, rather than later may just give baby the willingness and curiosity to try anything and everything put in front of him." I think I am more inclined to the idea of wider variety of tastes and textures, since Tatay and I do not have a history of allergies anyway. 

After ditching the potatoes idea, I voted on the squash for the vegetable requirement and bananas for the fruit requirement. I would have wanted avocado which is the recommended first food for babies, but since it's out of season, I think banana would be fine.
"Bananas are an excellent source of nutrition and as such, are another perfect fruit to be one of baby's first foods. Bananas are often called one of nature's perfect foods because they are said to contain many of the nutrients that a person needs to survive. One of the most important nutritional components of Bananas is that they contain potassium and fiber. Bananas are also high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2."
For lunch, I mashed a banana and added a few drops of breastmilk:

Look at how eager he is to munch on those smashed bananas. 

And as he gets closer to that first taste...


Awwww... wawa :( Apparently, he is not a big banana fan!

We didn't insist the banana to him for fear that he might be stressed out and associate eating to a harrowing experience. I had to switch back to his Earth's Best brown rice cereal for his lunch. Tomorrow, we shall try squash, and hopefully, I could share with you much happier photos!

UPDATE: To know what happened to the squash experiment, click here.

Those enclosed in quotation marks are not my words. They were taken from this site.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Take on Solid Food

I've said way too many times that Zohan has started on solids. It was probably because I spoke too much and too soon- the little boy had been on cerelac hiatus for a month because of allergies!

Soon after he started eating cerelac, he developed white mucus around the insides of his cheeks. Thinking it was just cerelac that wasn't washed away by water, I just used an index finger toothbrush to remove it. But as days went by, the white mucus increased and appeared to be more than just left-over solid foods. They looked like allergies to my untrained eyes, and the google-default mother that I was, I turned to the internet for confirmation. I didn't bother to see the doctor because you know, I really had misgivings in introducing solids to him prior to his 6th month, so I made my own prognosis and diagnosis (whatever that means!) - which was a little complicated and difficult to explain here because it was the product of my prolonged medical study. Suffice it to state, he was put on a cerelac hiatus by his all-knowing mother until the rashes were gone. True enough, (and this encouraged my newfound medical career), the white mucus were gone after we stopped giving him cerelac.

My conclusion - either we started too soon or we gave him the wrong food. His pediatrician said that any plain cerelac would do. So we trooped to SM and bought the wheat and milk flavor. But after the allergy breakout, I decided to catch up on my reading of What To Expect The First Year, and learned that the first food should be rice or oat. I thought wheat was fine but apparently, it wasn't. How dumb was I. (Now I know that despite the fact that they all came from the carbohydrates family, so to speak, wheat is  not made of the same stuff that makes up rice and oat!) It was likewise possible that his system was not yet ready to accept solid food. His antibodies and allergy-fighting chorva might not be that developed as yet. 

Hence, I had decided to wait it out until the 6th month before I re-introduce solids to Zohan.
And since Zohan apparently was not on friendly terms with Cerelac, I had decided to try this fancy, whimsical, P300-thereabout cereal from Earth's Best.

After a week though, I shall switch to an all-natural purees like potatoes and squash and that jazz. (I've read that it is best to wait for one week before introducing a new food to the baby. The reason being that, should the baby develops allergies, it would be easier to point out the culprit.) So, after a week of fancy eating, we would be back to regular programming.

It has been three days since we started with Earth's Best's brown rice, and so far, no allergies whatsoever intervened. Zohan appeared to be excited at the sight of his new food every time I bring out his plate and spoon. He also finishes his food every single time. In the next days until his first month, I will try to chronicle the foods that we give him. Let the same be my humble attempt to spare other clueless mothers like me  from self-medicating  and from typing - like I did - weird search parameters on google.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The first time we celebrated Valentine's Day

Photo source

We are a couple who are not big on celebrations. In fact, we've been together for six years, and it was only last night that we did something out of the mundane, boring daily life that pass us by, in our attempt to give deference to St. Valentine. My husband is not a romantic person but I am good at compromises, so that would explain the lack of grandiose dinners and flamboyant gifts and flashy valentine's surprises. What made last night different from the five other valentine's day we have had was something that puzzles me this day. I am guessing, as first time parents saddled with sudden responsibility apart from our happy-go-lucky selves, we could really use a dinner out and well, a sappy movie.

So the night before valentine's day, the husband picked me up from work and drove amidst heavy downpour and horrendous traffic. We took advantage of those valentine's promo dinners with set menu and two free movie tickets in tow. Before the food arrived, we silly couple computed if we're getting our money's worth. After looking for the individual prices of the food in the menu set, adding it up with the price of the movie tickets, and realizing that we saved more than 500 pesos by getting the promo, the food suddenly looked so much more delicious when it arrived. Finally, we dined with appetizer and main course, and drinks and dessert! And I was a happy wife. That's a very welcome change from our usual no-need-to-whet-appetite, alin-ba-ang-good-for-two-main-course, tap-water-na-lang, mahal-mag-dessert type of dinners!

Finally, we had time for ourselves for silly and serious talks. And I realized that I missed these types of conversations:

Anent improving my blog:

   W:    Ano ba difference ng simile sa metaphor?
   H:    Pag simile gamit ka ng like, or similar to, para magcompare.
   W:    Katulad ng "like a sweet nectar to a bee"? Yung ginamit ko sa last article ko?
   H:    Oo.
   W:    Eh pano pag metaphor?
   H:     Walang like or similar to, pero nila-liken mo pa rin.
   W:    Huh? Example!
   H:    Her lips are the gates to Elysium.
   W:   Whoa! Lalim naman!
   (Sorry, I was busy flirting in high school when these things were taught!)

Anent my joy of receiving a Tommy Hilfiger shoes:

  W:  Mahal ang bait ng secretary ko, binigyan nya ko kanina Tommy na shoes. Pasalubong    ng sister nya from abroad, di naman daw nya ginagamit.
 The husand, wide eyed and obviously very happy for me, blurted out..
 H: Wow! Tommy Burch!
 (I couldn't stop laughing! I should really stop messing my husband's head with all these brands.)

After dinner, we were arguing whether to use the movie tickets then or some other time. I was a bit worried that Zohan might be edgy and fussy having no breastfeeding to lull him to sleep. But the husband said, if we were to be out  that night, we might as well do everything we could instead of being out again another time and going through the worries twice. Ain't he a sage?

So off we went to watch, guess what, "The Vow". Yeah yeah. It did look like that we're celebrating valentine's. And thanks to Channing Tatum and his masculine jaw, my mind was taken off from mothering, wife-ing and lawyering even  just for two hours. At the end, the movie made me come to this realization - we are a doomed couple! Because if one of us ever get caught in a mishap and loose our memory, we could not prove to the other that we were really married. We had no video of our wedding day to begin with. The closest thing to a record of our vows were the photo captions I did on facebook. Our vows were such a joke compared to those lines they had that were too beautiful to be forgotten. And one of our wedding rings went missing (thanks to the husband) so showing just one ring would be self-serving. (I should make sure our seatbelts are both fastened from now on.) 

So, how did our first valentine's day celebration fare? It's a good excuse to be a little lavish for a dinner. It's a good excuse for us to be out even for a while. But still, never a good excuse for flowers and chocolates and all that crap. Romantic people are definitely going to eat me alive!

Happy valentine's day you all! :) I hope you had fun celebrating it your way, your style. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take it from the non-expert!

"Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (February). For this month, we focus on back to basics. Participants will share advices - either the best breastfeeding advice they received OR/AND the best breastfeeding advice they can give to new moms.  Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries."


I'm pretty sure you have heard, and probably agree, that unsolicited pieces of advice are easy to give, but dreadful to take. Interestingly enough, giving birth and  motherhood in our society attract as much unsolicited advise as a sweet nectar to a bee. Being a first-time mother - with looks of cluelessness silently screaming through my face almost all the time -  I sure did take the part of an easy prey. Had the advice been helpful? Well, a few helped, but most of the time, some things were better heard in one ear and then swiftly slipped out the other the reason being that, motherhood is a wonderful world of individuality.  Whatever works for you may not work for the others. And rather than insisting that other mothers out there take after what worked for me, let me  share with you instead my experiences in breastfeeding- the challenges that I have met, how I successfully surmounted some of them, and how the rest has remained victorious over me. At the end, please be the judge. You see, I am not an expert. Far from it. I am just as helpless as most of you are. So you can either take it from me - a non-expert, or just let my blabber swiftly slip out. After all, some advice should be taken  with a grain of salt, if not all.

1. When my milk supply was insufficient...

Like most first time breastfeeding mothers, I struggled with milk supply at the beginning. I was advised by the doctors from the hospital where I gave birth to supplement with formula milk until my breastmilk supply stabilized. Since I was so keen on breastfeeding, I tried to offer my breast to Zohan as often as I could. And I overdosed myself (and the whole household) with malunggay. Malunggay in the morning. Malunggay in the afternoon. Malunggay in the evening. Malunggay even in my dreams. There came a point that I could puke just at the sight of it, while the husband developed mammary glands complete with lactation with  the overdose of malunggay. In less than a week, my breastmilk supply increased. Tremendously at that, I could feed an entire barangay. 

The non-expert says... Malunggay overkill really works!

2. When my milk supply was too much...

We should really be careful with what we wish for. I hoped for a steady supply of breastmilk which was granted to the point of explosion. When Zohan was asleep, or did not want to nurse and I was lactating, I had to take in the pain of engorgement, and the shame of looking like two plates were plastered right in front of my shirt. Something had to be done. So  I asked the husband to look for a trusty breastpump to alleviate the pain of engorgement and also, to prepare for my going back to work. The problem of choosing the best pump was so humongous for a post-partum depressed mother, it deserved a post of its own, which you can read hereBut it all ended well. So when there's too much milk, go find a breast pump that you can call "the one".

The non-expert says...Go find a good pump, express milk, and store for future use.
3. When I went back to a demanding work...

After the maternity leave ended and I went back to work, my head spinned like crazy. Suddenly, I was at a loss at how I can cope with the new changes in my schedule. Busy as it was, I had to squeeze in pumping time, which was a good 15-30 minutes per session for five times a day! My solution was to become anti-social. After arriving at the office, pump time. Then work. By this time, my friends would be at the coffee room for breakfast,  calling me to join them. But I had to decline because I had to finish as much pleading-drafting as I could. After they're done, it was time to pump again. Work. Then lunch with friends. After lunch, I couldn't stay for coffee or dessert or chika, because again, I had to pump. Merienda time was spent in my room, and you guessed it right, by pumping milk. Before dinner and before going home, another pumping session. It was a sacrifice, indeed. For a while, I missed out on important stories from my friends. A lot of times, I felt so isolated and grown up. I also had to work overtime just so I could finish all my work and beat my deadline. And anti-social also meant no more time for social networks. *wink*

The non-expert says...Prioritize. Be anti-social, if necessary, and until you have adjusted to your new schedule.

4. When I am out of the office or on the road...

My schedule on item (3) above were the easy days. During days where I had a scheduled hearing or legwork, I had to carefully study and plan ahead. I had to make sure I pumped before leaving the house and I must be at the office after three hours, in time for the next pumping session. With heavy traffic and clogged court dockets and late judges, a three-hour travel time was impossible. What worked for me? I would normally excuse myself from the court staff, use their room and pump in a corner with just a nursing cover! If that was not possible, I had to take the pain and tenderness of my breasts filled with milk until I arrive at the office. There I would pump with a sigh of sooooo much relief! 

Whenever we go home to the province and we were stuck in traffic at the time of my pumping session, I pump inside the car just armed with a nursing cover. For this reason, I also had my Farlin manual breast pump ready, and my clothes should always be pumping-friendly.

I had a friend who pumped in the comfort room of malls, just to empty her breast and keep the milk-production system going. She would discard the collected milk after, for hygienic reasons obviously. This was also a sound advice, which I did not do though. For my mall days, I just had to cut the trips short and make sure to go home in time for my pumping schedule. Otherwise, I would have to bear with engorgement and tenderness until we arrived home.

The non-expert says...Pumaraan, so that you can pump whenever, wherever!

5.  When I couldn't go home to deliver collected milk as scheduled...

If you had been reading my blog, you would know that I left Zohan in the province with my in-laws for almost three months before we finally brought him to Manila. During those days, the husband and I would go home to him on Wednesdays and Fridays, and we would bring the milk which I collected while I was away from him. There were instances however, that the milk supply which I left would be consumed long before we arrived with the new supply. While waiting, he would supplement with formula, at least for a few feedings. Looking back, I know I could have done something about it, like go home thrice a week if necessary, just so he would not be fed with formula milk. I was a new mother adjusting with heavy workload and crazy schedule, and the husband was adjusting with the long drive home and getting up earlier than usual for work the next day. We did what we can do.  At any rate, those  backlash were only few in the story of my breastfeeding life. And since he arrived in Manila, I vowed to make sure he would be exclusively breastfed.

The non-expert says...Sometimes, James Ingram is right. I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough. 

By far, these are the most difficult struggles that I had to face to continue breastfeeding my first born. At almost six months, I am still breastfeeding and feeling very happy and comfortable about it. There are challenges for sure. But nothing is impossible for an indefatigable advocate. I can only share with you my experiences in the hope that you may be inspired to breastfeed in the future, or that you may progressively advance if you have already commenced with the daunting task.  

You can take it from me. Or not.


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spanking New Stroller from the SM Grand Baby Fair!

I had been reading a lot about the Annual SM Grand Baby Fair from the mommy blogs I had been following (themisischronicles, manilamommy, mommytopaz, daintymom at marami pang iba!). I learned this was just the second year of the fair from last year's successful launch, and with a single receipt purchase worth P2,000 one could get a SWAGBAG filled with freebies.

So last Friday, 27 January 2012, first of the three-day sale, the husband and I trooped to SM Megamall MegaTrade Hall 1 and 2, braved the heavy Friday traffic, and attended my very first SM Grand Baby Fair. Oh di ba, ganap na ganap ang pagka mudax, kung maka baby fair!

It was actually my first time to attend a fair at the MegaTrade Hall and I was so ecstatic just setting my foot at the venue. I was literally giddy seeing all those booths which I  had only previously seen through the blogs I read.  Imagine how my eyes popped out seeing the booths and stuff in person. I noticed a familiar face from one of the booths but I could not associate the name with the face, then I realized it was Jen of the famous Next9 babyslings and other baby products. I was too shy to approach her and ask for a photo op.

Anyway, I told you about my high chair dilemma here and the story how I've decided that instead of buying a high chair, I would buy a stroller instead. That way, it would be less expensive. And a stroller could also function as a high chair anyway. I would just need patience and bibs in feeding. So at the fair, we brought this Graco stroller for about P5,000 (originally at about P6,500.) Since it's worth more than P2,000, we automatically got a Swagbag, filled with all those swags! 


Of course, there were items that could be of no use to us considering that  the bag was not specially catered for us. But since they were free, who was I to complain? Besides, there were items that we could really use. Take for instance that Philip Avent's VIA Breast Milk Storage. Nanay already bought me a set, but we could use an additional cup for storage of his solid food. We could also use the St. Patrick's bib, the Ai-non mini towel, the LooneyTunes index finger toothbrush, Lactacyd rubber ducky, and that hanger over there! Anyway, after going through my loot bag, the husband assembled the stroller.

See how the little boy looked like.



Not anymore!
It was a wise buy, I think. Next year, I'm definitely joining again the SM Baby Fair. Who knows, baka for the second baby na. Choz!

Monday, February 6, 2012

High chair dilemma

Now that Zohan has started on solids, the next thing that we need is a high chair. We actually got a list of purchases for Zohan which has been earmarked in the meantime in the hope of price mark-downs. Aside from the high chair, we also haven't gotten him a stroller. And a car seat. (Okay, crucify me. We travel with him without a car seat!)

 I mentioned here that he received monetary gifts during several occasions. And while I would not want him to be exposed to expensive unnecessary stuff, I felt like I had no right to be spendthrift when it came to those monetary gifts. When it's our money we're spending, I had to be practical. But if it's a monetary gift, I believed the giver/s would want to give him the best gift, only that they were quite hesitant to pick for me, or they just did not have the time to shop. So I'm doing justice to their thoughtfulness by buying him the best items without looking at the price tags. Well, sometimes.

I'd been ogling on this high chair displayed at Muji and Me in Trinoma. It's a Silver Cross Doodle High chair, which can be used as a high chair for feeding the baby, and with just one click, it transforms into a table and low chair. Look!

Photo source
Fine and dandy! But it's almost 10,000 peyses! That's why I needed to sleep on it before buying it. And sleep on it some more. And more.

I've also seen in the internet this wonderful chair that literally grows with your kid. It's one of the wooden collections from Stokke. And when it's Stokke, you know it's expensive. (Like, P15,000 expensive!) I really did not consider buying it because who would want to spend that much on a chair? Kabuhayan showcase na 'yan! I'm sure the gift-givers would agree with me on this.  But for your viewing pleasure, here it is.

The chair that grows with you! Photo source here.

I have also kept on looking at Graco high chairs every time I'd pass by the mall and thought it would be the more practical option. We got Zohan a Graco Pack'n'Play crib - bought through his monetary gifts - and thought it would be nice if he would have the same brand for a high chair. This Graco contemporary high chair looks nice, no?
Photo source here.
Anyway, after much thought and deliberation with myself, I have realized that I have been caught up with all these baby-related purchases. Analyze these: when a baby is born, a snuggly is required to keep the little kid warm and safe; when the baby has grown a little older but not yet ready to sit on his own, a bouncer becomes handy; when the baby has learned to stand up, a crib is needed to serve as his daytime bed and his playpen as well;  when the baby joins a travel, a car seat provides the necessary safety precautions; when the baby stops in a travel, a stroller is required to roam him around; and when the baby starts on solid foods, a high chair and/or a booster seat should come into play. 

Really, the manufacturers never stop inventing all these stuffs because they know that parents could hardly say no when it comes to the baby. And the bad thing about the internet, and blog reading is that I get exposed to all these wonderful things a mother would want to give his child! Somebody cut out internet connection, pleeeeeease! 

I have to disentangle myself from all these frenzy I am currently enmeshed in  because come to think of it, I have been born and raised (uma-Adelle!) without all these things and I'd like to believe that I've grown up to be a fine individual despite such lack. Well at least as far as the husband and I are concerned. I realized I needed to be more practical and rational.  I need to get a grip because I was becoming a lunatic mother jumping high and low with all these exquisite things. And I am not that person. The husband is also a very practical person, but you know, he's always on the side that would make me happy. So unconsciously, I know I am also slowly turning him into this extravagant and recklessly wasteful person. I also do not want Zohan to be like that. And since I'm now boring you with too much realization for just a high chair, I would snap back to reality. 

I have decided that....

We could also feed him while he's on our lap (that's sweeter!) or we could have him sit down on his stroller as we feed him (then we could get a stroller that would function as a stroller and a feeding chair! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!) Dibah??

So here came the SM Annual Grand Baby Fair, which put to a halt all my over-analysis with just a purchase of a stroller. After computing the money that we had at hand and making sure we still had enough left for gas to get us home, we finally picked up a Graco stoller of the same color palette as his crib. The stroller was originally priced at about P6,500. And since it's marked down, we paid only about P5,000. Half the price, or even one third of the price of those nicey nice high chairs. But it's more valuable for us because it's dual purpose. Yey!

I believed a first-time mother goes through all these crazies, no? Piece of advise: always sleep on it before purchasing! And always join the SM Baby Fair! Haha! It worked for me. I hope it'd work for you, too! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy Baby

If I thought I was a very busy person, juggling motherhood and lawyering at the same time, then I was utterly mistaken. My hearings, seminars, client meetings, pleadings and written memos to client paled beside the equally, if not busier, schedule of Zohan.

Ever since he arrived in the city last Saturday (29 January 2012), he had been receiving visitors left and right. It must have been hard to smile and chuckle and remain active for everyone who tried their might to stimulate him. What's worse than that was to keep giggly when it was already way past his bedtime. Anyway, it only showed how excited and extremely happy our friends were now that we were finally together.

Our first visitor was Ninang Dutch and her sister Tet and mother Tita Gagay. Ninang Dutch went home from Dubai for a quick vacation. She and Tet and Tita were so crazy over Zohan- about how incredibly soft he was! They kept on passing him on and I was a proud momma because he was eagerly entertaining them with smiles and giggles. Not a single crying bout! By the way, thank you Tita and Ninang for the uber preppy Zara shoes! (I forgot to take photos of their visit, will wait for Dutch to upload the pictures from her camera then I'll upload it here.)

THAT look.. (Taken  during that day. Will  post more pics soon!)

My officemates and Zohan's ninangs Joyce and KQ decided to have lunch out at our place to visit Zohan. It was quick but legendary! I thought that day was Zohan's happiest day of the week. Just look at the photos which his Ninang KQ put together in a collage. 

He kept on giggling and giggling with Ninang Joyce's antics, which I know for sure would make her Ninang look forward to having a kid of her own sooner than later. Haha!

Ninang KQ and Ninang Joyce
Of course, her titos and titas would definitely miss the little boy because we would not be going home to their province as often as we used to. And true enough, first working day of the week after we left, here's Tita Irish and Tita Imee making a visit! He was still active and happy like he had an enormous reserve of energy inside his tiny body!

Tita Imee and Tita Irish

It's time for Nanay's close friends to come over! Here came Ninang Jona, Ninong Butch, their son Caleb, and Tita Masha! 

Ninang Jona, Tita Masha, Caleb and Ninong Butch

Jona and I had been planning of having a playdate for our sons, who were only four months apart. But the trouble was, Caleb was so active and strong and kulit and Zohan was also a handful, so we had to have our hands ready to separate them in case it turned to be a hurting match! But they looked cute together! 

Thank you Marasigan Family for the bath towel and the dining set for Zohan, and Tita Masha for the shopping money! 

It's Vakler night! 

Tita Boinks, Ninang Joyce and Ninang Fila
My beki friends came over for dinner. I just had to warn our companion in the house that they should prepare their ears for extremely loud beki conversations and laughters lest they had the shock of their lives! Haha. The little boy still smiled and giggled from Ninang Joyce's antics, but not as much as he did the other day. I realized I should give him some slack because he had received torture after torture to laugh and giggle the entire week. And perhaps, he was probably still adjusting to his new environment as well. I thought he would retire to bed early, but long after our visitors had left, he was still fussy and awake. He slept around 11pm and woke up  at 7am the next day.


I need more practice in taking pictures, no?
 Mama and Papa would be going to Iloilo on Saturday and they decided to spent the night here to see Zohan whom they sorely missed. Papa sang to him his own version of Nescafe's Good Morning sa Inyo, which Zohan used to hear from him every single day, from  sunrise to sunset. Mama was her usual - motherly caring and missing Zohan so dearly. I didn't carry the boy the entire night and allowed her lola to cuddle him to her heart's content. Tita Imee and Tita Irish also came to play with the boy for a while.


With Ninang Janice and Ninong Onel
 And I thought it was only until Friday that we would have visitors. But at the last minute, Tatay had a drinking session with Zohan's Ninong Onel and Ninang Janice. The little  boy didn't play as much because they arrived a little late, almost Zohan's bedtime. Well, actually it's my preferred bedtime, because you know, he had an erratic sleeping time that ranged from 9:00 PM to as late as midnight.  That night, he slept a little past 9:00PM, and I was a happy mother! (Thank you Ninang and Ninong for another dining set for Zohan.)

It had been a busy busy week! But I hope he had adjusted well, because for parents who  were frequented by friends a lot, this week was just the tip of the iceberg!

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