Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for solids, beybeh!

Yes! This is another milestone and I'm glad to share it with you. Actually, I was a bit hesitant at first to introduce solids to Zohan who just turned five months old. I happened to stumble upon babycenter's guide to the introduction of solid, and it had somehow appeased and convinced me that it was indeed time for solids, baby!

1. Time is right: Babies are usually ready to try solid food between 4 and 6 months, but check with your baby's doctor beforehand.

According to, solids can be introduced any time between 4 and 6 months if the baby is ready. Until then, breast milk or formula provides all the calories and nourishment the baby needs and can handle. His digestive system simply isn't ready for solids until he nears his half-birthday.

While this is the general statement found mostly on articles discussing introduction of solid food, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breastfeed exclusively for at least six months. This is also what health experts and breastfeeding experts had to say, according to kellymom. She further discussed that even the World Health Organization and many other health organization recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life. Solid readiness depends on both the maturity of baby's digestive tract and the baby's developmental readiness for solids. Most babies are developmentally ready for solid somewhere between 6 and 8 months. This is where kellymom differed from the position of babycenter, which discussed that solids can be introduced any time between 4 and 6 months.

I was prepared to wait another month, even though I had been prepping up his bibs and plates and spoon and everything else for the big solid day. So last Saturday, when we went to see his pedia for the monthly vaccination and routine check up, I was shocked (and a little bothered, I must admit) when she told us he was ready for solid food. Fears notwithstanding, what I really wanted was just to get home, put him down and run to the nearest grocery store to buy Cerelac and start feeding him. So that's exactly what we did!

Analyzing it now, I was a little afraid that it might had been too soon. It might be just another case of my chronic impatience. But then again, it's his pedia who gave us the green light. And she knew better than me;  while I may fancy myself reading all these geeky articles, she might have had other considerations in mind, like patient history and all that doctor stuff I didn't know anything about. And besides, babycenter said it's anytime between 4 and 6 months. And, What To Expect The First Year discussed the introduction of solid on the 5th month. Mama said the husband was introduced to solids way earlier than his 5th month.  I guess these should be enough to assuage me that it was going to be alright, and that the timing was just right.

2. Watch for signs: Good head control, a growing appetite, and interest in what you're eating are all indications that your baby is ready to try solids.

As early as three months, Zohan already learned how to roll over and since then, he had developed good head control.

Now at his fifth month, he can sit up pretty steady, albeit still with support. He has also become increasingly hungry every time. On weekends when we're together, I feel like all I ever did was to whip out my boobey for constant breastfeeding action! If you offer him what you're eating, he would look very eager to taste the food. In fact, his titos and titas always tease him by pretending to give him food, but he just couldn't take it just yet. Well, not anymore!

3.  Get the gear: A soft-tipped spoon, a bib, a nonbreakable dish, and a highchair are all helpful.

All geared up! I had been waiting for so long for this day to arrive (I couldn't imagine first day of school or first stage performance. Ack. Budding stage mudra) and I had everything ready, except for the high chair (which will be the subject of another post soon, because mommies, I need help in deciding!) His spoon and dish were gifts from my friends from the office, while his PreNatal bib was a gift from Nanay.

Thank you Ninang KQ, Tita Kat and Tito Teoff for Zohan's Avent  spoon and dish

4. Start simple: Try baby cereal mixed with formula or breast milk. Or begin with purees like pear, sweet potato, or peas.

Zohan's pedia prescribed only plain Cerelac twice a day, in moderate amounts. I asked if I could make mashed potatoes with breastmilk, but I was advised against it as his stomach might not be ready yet for complex concoctions. (But isn't Cerelac a little complicated, and unnatural, too?) Well.. She didn't study medicine and passed the boards for nothing, so I'm leaving it up to her. So, Cerelac it is. 

5. Expect a mess: Babies aren't known for their table manners, so be prepared for food to land on the floor, highchair, your baby, and you.

Zohan did make a mess of his face. And the bad thing was, his skin turned red from below his nose down to his chin. I tested if the facial wipes was the culprit, but they appeared just the same during his second meal minus the wipes. So it must be the Cerelac. Anyway, the rashes rapidly disappeared after a few minutes, so no worries. I guess his skin would get used to it as we go along.

6. Keep on trying: Don't be surprised if your baby doesn't seem crazy about solids right away. Keep offering them and your baby will catch on.

Not applicable. At. All. Zohan eagerly devoured that tiny slimy half-spoonful of solid food as if he had been doing it for quite some time. And he finished everything up! It definitely looked like Zohan would be a big eater.

7. Take pictures! You'll want photos to show off your baby's first foray into eating real food.

Of course I wouldn't want to miss this milestone, so I asked the husband to take photos while I offered the spoon to the little boy. And I said “Take good pictures.”
Be the judge!!!

 Do they look good to you?
Mothers often get too tired because they want to do everything by themselves. Had I known this would be Zohan's photo of his first solid intake, I would have turned myself to Zuperwoman to feed him and photograph him all at the same time. But Zohan fared well on his first solid experience. And it's all good. All good. So, never mind the photos. :)

The checklist and the corresponding photos were taken from babycenter. Information on when to start solids were taken from kellymom and Avent photo was grabbed from, while cerelac photo was grabbed from google images.


  1. I remember my baby's first solid food experience. Parang stage mommy lang talaga ang peg, haha.. I really wonder why they prefer Cerelac too instead of pureed potatoes, etc... But we obeyed pedia's instructions too for 2 weeks, once we know baby's ready, we made her lugaw and pureed food.

    You can also mix your breastmilk with Cerelac and see if she prefers the taste. =)

    1. Haha solid food pa lang stage mudra na tayo! How much more pag nag perform na sila sa school!

      I've actually read your entries before and I felt relieved na there are other pedias prescribing cerelac as well. I'm excited to try your suggested purees sa blog mo. And I can't stop thinking about the avent steamer-blender that you bought. I think its ingenious and I'm contemplating on getting one myself!

  2. Khaye, naku mahal dito yung steamer-blender at di na rin namin gaanong nagagamit once mag 1 year old na si baby. Well, we now use it as food processor ng nonbaby foods.

    Regarding your question, try mo boiled potatoes tapos mashed. Or squash para matamis. Sometimes, when I cook nilaga, before the final seasoning (yung wala pang magic sarap, salt, etc..), I scoop out the boiled potatoes and some broth tapos mash.

  3. Oo nga, mahal! Sale na sa SM Fair pero 15,000 pa rin if I remember it right. Sobra dba? I ditched the plan of buying that!

    Thank you for your tips. :) Try ko yung potatoes and squash. Excited na ko in the days to come, I'll try the purees you suggested in your blog!

  4. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and I just want to say that I enjoy your writing style. This comment is like 6 months too late, but I know you're getting ready for baby no. 2. Next time around, you might like to try Baby Led Weaning, which is what I'm doing with my 7-month old. It involves no purees, no mashed food, no spoonfeeding. My baby's first food was avocado, and she fed it to herself at 6.5 months. I blogged about it here: (I hope it's okay to paste a link) Now at 7.5 months, she's already had various fruits and veggies, roast chicken, steak, and pork chops!

    1. Hi! Thanks for appreciating and I'm glad you've found your way here hahaha! I've been hearing a lot about BLW too. I've read your post and it looks really exciting! :)) now, that's another reason to hurry up baby number 2. LOL.


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